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Compiled through
Charles Cowles Gallery

Peter Voulkos in Glendale Boulevard studio, ca. 1959-60, Los Angeles, California
Photo by Henry T. Takemoto
Voulkos' best work is a primeval statement, the product of an internalized primitivism. In his plates, stacks and "ice buckets", he returns to the wild and pagan heart of making art.

The stacks radiate an immanent power. They are great phallic presences asserting themselves. Voulkos' work is unapologetically macho, but his is a machismo that is so honest a statement of who the artist is that to hide it or camouflage it or tame it would be an act of criminal dishonesty.
David Bonetti, Photos breathe life into sculpture, new Voulkos on view, San Francisco Examiner, March 1, 1991