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Courtesy and copyright of the artist

Spain, 1974
"The heightened imagination of José Bernal, his Cuban birth, and the experience of exile and renewal have generated a body of richly independent works. Within a given period, his style, color, and technique may vary from one painting to another, from one collage or assemblage to another. His images sometimes hint of masters of the distant past or those celebrated in more recent decades. But Bernal's essential approach to a work is distinctly his own."

From Dorothy Chaplik's essay The Art of José Bernal, 2005, posted with permission of the author.
The entire essay is available under Selected Books.

Represented by Art Dealers:
Mr. B. Kinland and Mr. Ronald DeBouver, Marshall Field’s Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1960s
Ms. Betty Parsons, Minneapolis, MN and New York, NY, 1960s
Mr. Merrill Chase Sr., Merrill Chase Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1960s
Ms. Lucrecia A. Bernal-Schneider, Bernal Gallery, Chicago, IL, 1970s - 1980s

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BUYER BEWARE: Within the past few years numerous attempts have been made to sell fraudulent works claiming to be artworks by José Bernal (1925-2010, Cuban-American). In January of 2013,, New York, NY, posted an unauthenticated work on behalf of International Auction Gallery, Anaheim, CA, attributing it "to Cuban-American artist, José Bernal, (1925-2010)." The unauthenticated work was not withdrawn from auction on 7 January, it sold and the auction houses refuse to remove the online publication of the sold unauthenticated work. None of his artwork is presently on the market. For additional information please contact the artist's estate through the artnet monograph, by clicking on the 'Contact' button.