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Courtesy of the Artist
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OK Harris, New York, New York
June 2-July 20, 2012
Opening: June 2, 3-5pm


As a child, I tried to avoid any kind of natural landscape. Walking in the woods was hellish. I liked the city: concrete and traffic were familiar and reassuring. But at night looking out the window near my bed, I had a narrow view of the ocean that I loved. From this distance, the big undiscovered world out there offered an opportunity to think about things in a different way.

Then, I learned about nature in art, while studying the paintings of Titian, Giorgione, and Friedrich. The dreamy rendering of the idealized landscapes these artists created made me think "I want to go there." Years later I went to art school and began to figure out how to convey the aesthetic and experiential perception of nature.

Now, I photograph nature. Using a digital camera, which picks up a wider spectrum of color and light values than the human eye, I record images of wild landscapes. Then, in my studio using my computer, I describe more clearly, more intimately and more distinctively the texture of natural space. Paradoxically, the digital process, sometimes conceived as anti-human, evolves into a sensuous memory of a dreamy, fluid, natural landscape.

Betsy Weis, May 2012