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Courtesy and Copyright of Richard Nathanson and the Artist's Estate


Albert Houthuesen was born in Amsterdam but moved to London in 1912, following the sudden death of his father at the hand of his demented wife. During the twenties, Houthuesen worked at The Royal College of Art with Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Edward Burra, Ceri Richards and Cecil Collins. And thereafter in isolation.


Never in my life have I thought of being original. I have only looked at the sea and the land and the sky. I have looked at the marvelous men and women one sees. And I have gone to the theatre. It is such an astounding world to look at. Everything in Nature is admirable, everywhere and all the time. And all I have wanted to do is to try and paint what I had seen, either in a dream or in reality.

Albert Houthuesen


I suspect that Houthuesen will come to be seen as one of the great figures in post-World
War II Western Art.

Souren Melikian, International Herald Tribune, 2010


The artist's words above and those accompanying his images were spoken in conversation with his biographer Richard Nathanson. They are quoted in "Walk to the Moon", Nathanson's 2008 biography of the artist (available through Amazon).

Richard Nathanson (Impressionist and 20th Century Art) exclusively represents the Houthuesen estate, and is preparing the artist's catalogue raisonné.

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