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The Three-Day Weekend, for me, is a symbol of peaceful coexistence of different peoples and different concepts of faith and spirituality: Friday for Muslims, Saturday for Jews and Sunday for Christians. People of all other faiths, from Bahai to Buddhism, and atheists, too, can join all three days. This three-day weekend doesn’t mean that people do nothing. They can dedicate themselves to love, family, and creativity, and even to establishing small family-type businesses as an alternative to big corporations. The idea to create ecumenical symbols in the form of universal mandalas originated in childhood dreams. It continues the search of the nonconformist art of my youth. In these mandalas, I unite ancient symbols of spirituality with historical and personal images.

Vitaly Komar

The rest of the statement can be found under Vitaly Komar: Three-Day Weekend, edited by Andrew Weinstein, 2005 in the Selected Catalogues section.

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