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Gallery Selections
Hollis Taggart Galleries, New York, New York
May 17-July 1, 2011

Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists, 1958–1968
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York
October 15, 2010–January 9, 2011


Art has always shaped me. Books also fascinated me, they gave me another view of the world, but from the time I was a very small child, I wanted to be an artist. My body of work represents a life time observation and engagement with my own particular milieu: pop icons, landscapes, gardens, trash, my family, and the things around me that are visually dynamic.

I use my vision, materials and processes as a creative and enthusiastic mode of communication. I see as powerful, objects that are generally overlooked or taken for granted. The object becomes something else, part of a new and different texture in the environment, because not only the function of it, but also its literal essence has been discarded. I look for a combination of disparate elements in objects to reverberate with more potent meanings. I try to capture random chaos within the accidental arrangement of things to reveal the density of information and compelling color relationships in the subject.

It was my conscious decision that my approach to art would be nonlinear. When I exhaust a series of subjects and materials, I feel compelled to explore more challenging areas and different media to document my responses to the world.

Idelle Weber