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January artnet e-Newsletter

Conceptual art is making a comeback, as can be seen from the art auction "Word Art Sale", which provides collections a chance to take a quick survey of the many ways that artists have used...
February artnet e-Newsletter

It's never dull around artnet Auctions. A striking computer-painting by Richard Prince, Last Week (1999), sold for $324,500 (with premium) from last month's Word Art sale.
March artnet e-Newsletter

It’s springtime, and artnet Auctions are heating up with a new Prints Masterworks sale, more than 200 lots estimated at a total value of $2.5 million-$3.5 million.
April artnet e-Newsletter

If you were going to buy some photographs, what would you get? A color portrait of sports great Michael Jordan, posed facing left like George Washington on the quarter, Taken by the notorious Annie Leibovitz in 1991?
May artnet e-Newsletter

The art market is open 24/7 at artnet Auctions, which launched its spring sale of modern and contemporary art on May 11, 2010.
June artnet e-Newsletter

Has the art boom come back? The high end seems healthy enough, that’s for sure. Just last month, in May 2010, some 40,200 lots of fine art were put on the block at auctions around the world, for a sales total of $1.7 billion -- an average price of $77,700 per sold lot.
July artnet e-Newsletter

Everyone in this overheated New York City is talking about "Swell" Art 1950-2010,” the smoothly shaped show of "surfer art" now occupying Metro Pictures, Nyehaus and Friedrich Petzel Gallery, June 30-Aug. 6, 2010.
August artnet e-Newsletter

Hello, everyone! Are you enjoying your summer vacation? Well, while you’re dozing at the beach, we here at Artnet Labs are hard at work, searching out all the not-to-be-missed art events for next month.
September artnet e-Newsletter

Hello, everybody, the art world has started up again, are you ready to do some shopping? The Democrats may be lagging but the art market seems "pretty solid," in the words of art advisor Kimball Higgs, who notes that the big New York art auctions in November already have good material.
October artnet e-Newsletter

Hello, class, today's theme is "where's Damien?" Damien Hirst was certainly not at the Christie's London contemporary auction, where some Stuckists were roughed up while protesting his "artistic plagiarism."
November artnet e-Newsletter

Keith Haring's Untitled (Inverted Crucifix) is a dramatic work by the graffiti art pioneer made in the 1980s, an image of an upside-down crucifixion -- Saint Peter was martyred that way, according to the apocrypha -- that doubles as a powerful emblem of the battle against AIDS.
December artnet e-Newsletter

artnet Auctions scored over US $12 million in sales in 2010, a sizeable increase over the preceding year. Buyers hailed from around the globe, ranging from Texas and New York to Islamabad and Hong Kong. They love artnet Auctions' fast turnaround on sales, which can be finalized in a few weeks, compared to the six months or a year required by the brick-and-mortar art auctioneers.