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Ahmet Elhan 'Composed'    8. Feb - 9. Mrz 2013

Composed I
Ahmet Elhan
Composed I, 2013
Composed II
Ahmet Elhan
Composed II, 2013
Composed III
Ahmet Elhan
Composed III, 2013
Composed IV
Ahmet Elhan
Composed IV, 2013
Composed IX
Ahmet Elhan
Composed IX, 2013
Composed V
Ahmet Elhan
Composed V, 2013
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Ahmet Elhan 'Composed'
08/02/2013 - 09/03/2013

Ahmet Elhan's latest works to be exhibited at Galeri Zilberman, with the opening taking place on February 9th.

Ahmet Elhan, after years of concentrating on time and space, turns his attention to the human body again, exploring the boundaries of photography through experiments he conducts using his personal technique.

The title of the exhibition, “Mürekkep”, is a homograph in Turkish, meaning both “ink” and “composed of”. It is used in the former in reference to the extensiveness of its tonings, its surface quality and durability as well as the platinum-palladium print Elhan uses in this series; while the second meaning is used to refer to way the compositions were created.

Elhan, who studied graphic design and film, investigated what reality was and was not by way of images which take shape through the time-space relationship in his previous series “İkililer”, “Zaman/Mekan”, “Manzaralar” and “Yerler”. With his experimental and progressive approach which is composed of places that are refracted and overlapped in time, the artist puts figure in front of the lens for the first time in a long time, in an effort to analyse the uninhabited outside world and its multi-dimensional perception by the subject.

Using his experimental technique and the post/inter-sexual figures in Jean-Baptise Van Mour's gravures that appear in historical Istanbul indoor spaces, he continues his existential probing in the space where east meets west. In his works where visual quality is paramount, the artist, instead of splitting time, concentrates on a more integral spiral setup of time that brings about returns.

In “Composed”, Elhan conveys to the subject this integrality that he previously had created on the axis of space, through androgynous Hermaphrodite figures. The works in this exhibition, whilst superposing the female and masculine body, asks new questions on mobility and stagnation, and looks for answers. The figures that are anonymised and desexualised as a result of different moments accumulating in the same frame, intertwine with one another and the space they are in.

“Composed” can be visited at Galeri Zilberman at Mısır Apartmanı, 3rd floor, between February 9th and March 9th.

Ahmet Elhan (b. 1959, İzmir)

Studied graphic design at Marmara University and film at Dokuz Eylül University. As well as having his works exhibited in numerous national and international group exhibitions, he has opened 10 solo and 3 dual exhibitions. His works can be found in many important collections. Elhan lives and works in Istanbul.

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