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DUMAS, KNOERZER & INFANTE    1. Jun - 31. Jul 2013

Federico Infante
Carousel, 2013
Grand chêne, reflets
Stephane-Erouane Dumas
Grand chêne, reflets, 2012
Portrait III
Federico Infante
Portrait III, 2013
L'automne, reflets
Stephane-Erouane Dumas
L'automne, reflets, 2013
Polyptych 5
Mark Knoerzer
Polyptych 5, 2013
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BERTRAND DELACROIX GALLERY is proud to announce a dynamic summer exhibition featuring 3 artists: STEPHANE EROUANE DUMAS, MARK KNOERZER and FEDERICO INFANTE. Each of these artists works in a different medium and with different subjects. However, they have one thing in common: they blend genres in unexpected and innovative ways. Dumas’ and Infante’s work approach abstraction but remain decidedly figurative; Knoerzer’s mixed-media work is a conceptual study of color, light and shapes.

BDG is excited to present REFLETS, an exhibition of recent artworks by new BDG artist Stéphane Erouane Dumas. Dumas’ paintings focus on nature, particularly the Atlantic Ocean and the lush foliage of Normandy. His work is not a realistic representation of nature, but rather his artistic interpretation of the natural world. Dumas’ paintings are characterized by their ethereal blend of abstract and landscape genres. Since 1990, his work has been exhibited throughout Europe and hangs in prestigious collections including the Fondation Coprim in Paris, the Maison Henri IV in Saint-Valery-en-Caux, and the Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg. Dumas’ paintings were recently featured in a solo exhibition at La Verrière, the gallery inside the Brussels Hermès boutique. He currently lives and works in Paris and Normandy.

BDG presents emerging American artist Mark Knoerzer. Knoerzer was born in 1978 in Cornwall, NY and currently lives and works in Brooklyn. Knoerzer’s artwork was included in Webster Hall’s Quarterly Art Soirée and “Light up Brooklyn” at the Brooklyn Morgan. He is known for his light installations and abstract paintings that experiment with a wide variety of colors and mediums. BDG will present a series of Knoerzer’s polyptychs.

Chilean artist Federico Infante, a recent graduate of School of Visual Arts in New York City, presents a selection of new paintings. BDG began showing his work only a few months ago. It has consistently sold out. His artworks, greatly inspired by the Chilean landscape, are unique in their juxtaposition of abstraction with figurative sections and detailed architectural images. From a hazy, unclear mist, a figure holding a musical instrument might emerge. From the darkness, we might see a set of stairs, rendered with incredible precision, leading into the unknown. Infante seamlessly blends the genres together to create stunning artworks. This new collection includes pieces on paper and canvas.

This collection of international artists is particularly interesting because although the artists are in different stages of their careers and work in very different styles, they each stand out in their field for their innovative techniques and mastery of their chosen medium. These artists are unafraid, experimental and successful in their daring aesthetic endeavors.

For further information, prices and photographic material please contact Elizabeth Thompson at 212-627-4444 or email Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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