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Disjecta Membra, Barbara Wildenboer    11. Apr - 11. Mai 2013

Acherontia Atropos
Barbara Wildenboer
Acherontia Atropos, 2013
Arachne and Athena
Barbara Wildenboer
Arachne and Athena, 2013
Ariadne's Thread
Barbara Wildenboer
Ariadne's Thread, 2013
Disjecta Membra
Barbara Wildenboer
Disjecta Membra, 2013
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Amelia Johnson Contemporary presents Disjecta Membra, South African artist Barbara Wildenboer’s first solo exhibition in Asia.

The latin phrase, disjecta membra, is often used to refer to surviving fragments of ancient poetry, manuscripts and other literary or cultural objects. In this her new body of work Wildenboere intertwines contemporary and ancient texts to create two dimensional works that often take on a three dimensional form. By her deconstruction and reconstruction of texts the artist conveys the notion that narratives are not linear but rhizomatic. The assumed authority of the author is undermined in favor of a myriad of abstract interpretations; emphasis is placed on the weaving of disparate and seemingly disjointed parts to create fresh stories. Ultimately in this work we are confronted with the infinite possibilities of meaning.

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