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Paolo Cavinato: Behind the Curtains    10. Apr - 9. Jun 2012

Paolo Cavinato: Behind the Curtains

10 April - 9 June 2012

“The first notable fact that surrounds visible space is its emptiness, a void through which objects move or in which they are contained[…]. Man becomes conscious of the void that surrounds him, conferring upon it a physical form and a form of expression”.
S. Giedion.

The Flat presents Behind the Curtains – the second solo exhibition of works by Paolo Cavinato:
An exhibition that transcends spatial concepts so as to investigate the rapport between solids and voids.

Through a variety of expressive styles, Paolo Cavinato creates multi-sensory spaces in which images of reality converge as rational constructions and emotive projections.

The artist’s research begins with a representation of physical spaces that provide the location for a hypothetical recreation of absolute form, pulling the spectator’s gaze into a series of optical realities.

In some works one finds synaesthetic spaces that can be lived or travelled through: spaces in which one’s senses are incited, superimposed or amplified. In others, one enters into a sort of limbo that bridges both the finite and infinite realm.

Thus space becomes a continual evolution, a Void. From that which can be transformed, suspended, eternally transient, Paolo Cavinato arrives at a representation of the absolute through a kind of infinitesimal mantra.

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