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Femke Hiemstra, Audrey Kawasaki & Deedee Cheriel    30. Jul - 27. Aug 2011

Stairway to Heaven
Dee Dee Cheriel
Stairway to Heaven, 2011
El Gigante
Femke Hiemstra
El Gigante, 2011
Audrey Kawasaki
Charlotte, 2011
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Opening Reception: Saturday, July 30, 8 - 11pm

Merry Karnowsky Gallery is proud to present an exhibition featuring Deedee Cheriel’s Songs For Infinite Starry Nights, Femke Hiemstra’s Big Thousands of Golden Flowers, & Audrey Kawasaki’s Restlessly Still.

In Deedee Cheriel’s fantastic narratives a beautiful & symbiotic relationship is formed between humans and animals and her own personal hybrids of the two. Her strong list of characters paired together for unity & support, navigate the serene and benevolent background of nature. Bold marks and quirky personalities dance across the subtle, delicate, dream-like ground created with drips, scratches & patterns. Working in acrylic & spray paint on wood, there is a simplicity and complexity working as one to bring a feel of street art and native representation.

Bringing her mythical, fairytale worlds to the Los Angeles art scene Dutch artist Femke Hiemstra strays far away from the so-called modern world the masses dwell in. Her imaginative imagery of nature, innocence, and magic are expressed appropriately on everything from old book covers to antique wood panels, exploring her media’s potential fully. Displays of fruitful knowledge of a parallel universe far far away, where you are to discard political theories and be reborn in accordance to Femke’s boastful use of colors and content measured by a unique use of visual depth. Luscious and dark, endearing and enchanting, the art of Femke Hiemstra: beautiful and inviting.

Audrey Kawasaki began her artistic career in her native Los Angeles while always holding ground in her Japanese heritage. Her current work centers round the ideas of finding one’s calm amidst a world of disorder, turmoil and frenzy. The young female character she depicts feels the intense energy of rushing and dashing through our modern world while beautifully, seductively finding her balance of calm & peace. The movement of Audrey’s pieces always pushing & pulling both literally & metaphorically, till one loses oneself in the process. Her sharp controlled lines conveying the possibility of the control & steadiness she seeks.

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