Zhang Kai: Leave My World Here

Zhang Kai: Leave My World Here


Invitation, 2013

Samstag, 19. Januar 2013Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Beijing, China

Zhang Kai: Leave My World Here
Jan. 19, 2013 - Feb. 28, 2013
Opening Reception: Triumphart Art Space @798 at four o’clock Jan. 19, 2013

January 19, 2013, following Zhang Kai's last solo exhibition in 2010 in Taiwan Please Take Me To The Sky, Triumph Arts Space will bring to the audience Zhang Kai's latest solo exhibition Leave My World Here, the exhibition will continue until February 28, 2013.

Zhang Kai was born in 1985, from children’s fine arts training class to Fine Arts School in Shanxi Normal University, all the education and training Zhang received were of the most orthodox and systematized types of Academicism. Despite his young age, the artist possesses profound artistic attainments which is rare among young artists of his generation. The painter has an immense love of Western Classical Realism painting, he likes to appropriate works of Western classical masters and place anthropomorphic "cat" and "Rabbit" with human like expressions and emotions in the image, rendering his works idyllic and delicate at the same time full of euphemistic metaphor. The sentimentality, the loneliness and the elegance in the eyes of the animals are very much human like, in fact, it is a way of self-expression for the artist. The combination of cartoon style "main characters" in his paintings and the Classicism atmosphere not only mobilizes the visual desire of the audience but forms an interesting dialogue between the traditional and the contemporary. In his new works in 2012, Zhang Kai insisted on a relatively 'realistic' language of forms, the artist still works slowly and deliberately and is also extremely focused on the depiction and handling of light. While the works can be looked at as a natural continuation of his artistic style of the past, each and signal one invariably reveals the painter's new contemplation and exploration of his artistic creation. Manifesting in the new works are more spacious structure, brighter scenes, as the artist move the scenes to sunny outdoor spaces, and more poetic tableau,as the artist borrows motifs and patterns from traditional Chinese landscape painting.

The works on display will include 7 Zhang Kai's new works created in 2012, some older works as well as some sketches dating back to as early as 2007, making it a rare opportunity to understand Zhang Kai's foot prints on his artistic path and the development process of his artistic style.