Salon du Dessin, Palais de la Bourse, Paris

Salon du Dessin, Palais de la Bourse, Paris

a well in jaffa by gustav bauernfeind

Gustav Bauernfeind

A Well in Jaffa, um 1880

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landscape with trees by giovanni boldini

Giovanni Boldini

Landscape with Trees, um 1900

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the head of a sleeping boy by lodovico carracci

Lodovico Carracci

The Head of a Sleeping Boy

15.000 - 20.000 USD

landscape with a mill by gaspard gobaut

Gaspard Gobaut

Landscape with a Mill, 1870

2.000 - 3.000 USD

composicion by esteban lisa

Esteban Lisa

Composicion, um 1936 - 1940

40.000 - 60.000 USD

a seated young woman by james jacques joseph tissot

James Jacques Joseph Tissot

A Seated Young Woman

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