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amantes (lovers) by armando amaya

Armando Amaya

Amantes (Lovers), 1965

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red breasted sandpiper by john james audubon

John James Audubon

Red Breasted Sandpiper, 1836

2.800 USD

bound torso by matti kalevi auvinen

Matti Kalevi Auvinen

Bound Torso, um 1989

2.600 USD

three sisters by joe baker

Joe Baker

Three Sisters, 1997

16.000 USD

study for windy night stockholm by muirhead bone

Muirhead Bone

Study for Windy Night Stockholm, 1935

1.800 USD

football by graciela rodo boulanger

Graciela Rodo Boulanger

Football, um 1975

750 USD

battle at giza by albert v. e. brenet

Albert V. E. Brenet

Battle at Giza

6.000 USD

mystical horse by pop chalee

Pop Chalee

Mystical Horse

5.500 USD

striking six stone silver cuff by mark chee

Mark Chee

Striking Six Stone Silver Cuff, 1955 - 1960

2.950 USD

american express train by currier & ives (publishers)

Currier & Ives (Publishers)

American Express Train, 1864

21.000 USD

geometric quail by tony da

Tony Da

Geometric Quail

6.000 USD

moonlight at sea by anton otto fischer

Anton Otto Fischer

Moonlight at Sea

3.800 USD

toward the close of day by william crothers fitler

William Crothers Fitler

Toward the Close of Day, nach 1871

6.500 USD

swan dive swan lake act ii by harry fonseca

Harry Fonseca

Swan Dive Swan Lake Act II, um 1985

18.000 USD

when we can't get what we want, we must love what we have by pedro friedeberg

Pedro Friedeberg

When we can't get what we want, we must love what we have

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at crowhurst by maria gastineau

Maria Gastineau

At Crowhurst, 1888

750 USD