BACK TO BASICS—the Cross-Fertilisation of Design (Hong-Kong)

BACK TO BASICS—the Cross-Fertilisation of Design (Hong-Kong)

Shanghai, China Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013
devil or angel (details) by danful yang

Danful Yang

Devil or Angel (details), 2012

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Shanghai, China
Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Exhibition Dates
14 December, 2012–9 January, 2013
Monday-Saturday, 10am–7pm
Opening reception on Thursday, 13 December, 2012, 6–8pm
Pearl Lam Galleries, 601–605, 6/F, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong


HONG KONG - The exhibition Back to Basics—the Cross-Fertilisation of Design embraces China’s past and the re-invention of 5,000 years of traditional arts and crafts, such as cloisonné, woodwork and porcelain, for the twenty-first century and enriches the meaning of Design Art. Working with multidisciplinary artists and designers, the Gallery seeks to equalise art and design by challenging the Western hierarchy of art forms and introducing designers who work with narratives, rather than strictly “form follows function”.

The Gallery aims to redefine “industrial design” in the context of China’s rapidly evolving cultural environment. Pearl Lam Design questions the Western hierarchy of art over decorative art and design, as there is no such hierarchy in Chinese tradition. Since 500 BC, the literati philosophy has been to place equal importance on all three disciplines. While Western design has been evolving with technological advances, in China “hands” are more prevalent due to low labour costs. Chinese contemporary design should not be limited by Western perceptions of industrial design because works are handmade.

Pearl Lam has been breaking boundaries in the field of art and design since 1993 when she began organising pop-up exhibitions across the city. Now, Pearl Lam Design continues its mission of integrating design and art by challenging Western perceptions of industrial design.

Pearl Lam Design’s stand was lauded as one of Art Info’s Top 10 Booths at the Pavilion of Art and Design London (October 2012), while Pearl Lam has recently been named a ‘Design Power’ in Art+Auction’s Power 100 list (December 2012). The Gallery was the first Asian gallery to participate in Design Miami since the fair’s 2005 inception, and is known for innovative designer collaborations, which cross traditional limits of art and design.

Born in 1951, celebrated French designer André Dubreuil introduced Pearl Lam to decorative art. The first time she saw enameling was at his workshop in the French countryside, and he continues to be a powerful influence on Pearl Lam Design. His works are inspired by the elaborate traditions and techniques of Chinese craftsmanship, which he has explored during his frequent visits to China.

Born in 1980 in Shanghai, Pearl Lam’s protégé Danful Yang began designing with the collective XYZ Design. She reinvents traditional Chinese arts and craft technique in modern Western materials to create playful and visually dynamic works. Her chair from her Fake series is in the Montreal Museum of Art collection.

About Pearl Lam Design
Pearl Lam Design has been persistently advocating design as an art form in China and internationally. Pearl Lam has funded an artist-in-residence programme for artists and designers across the globe. The Gallery shows works by established and emerging international designers including André Dubreuil, Maarten Baas, Mattia Bonetti, and Studio Makkink & Bey, who are invited to explore 5,000 years of history by creating new works that reflect their perceptions of China. Pearl Lam Design will open a new gallery space in Shanghai in 2013.

Pearl Lam Design works with Maarten Baas, Mattia Bonetti, Patrice Butler, André Dubreuil, Studio Makkink & Bey, Martin Szekely, Peter Ting, WOKmedia, Philip Michael Wolfson, XYZ Design, and Danful Yang.

Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong
Pearl Lam Galleries, Asia’s most dynamic art gallery dedicated to Chinese and international contemporary art and design, holds a 340sqm gallery located on the 6th floor of the historic Grade II listed Pedder Building, alongside Gagosian, Ben Brown and Hanart TZ, at the heart of Hong Kong’s growing contemporary art scene.

The Hong Kong gallery programme features both fine art and design exhibitions to complement the existing programs of the Shanghai galleries. It will continue to support young emerging artists such as Tsang Kin-Wah. The gallery will also bring solo shows by major international artists and designers to Hong Kong including Jenny Holzer and Yinka Shonibare in 2013.

Pearl Lam Galleries in Hong Kong will further build the Galleries’ long-standing ethos for presenting an exhibition program of the very highest quality, collaborating with emerging and established artists and renowned curators, and promoting cross-cultural and multidisciplinary art from both Asia and the West.

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