Sterling Stuff II

Sterling Stuff II

early bird by jon buck

Jon Buck

Early Bird

1.000 - 5.000 GBP

after matisse i by william tucker

William Tucker

After Matisse I

1.000 - 5.000 GBP

theme and variation by peter randall-page

Peter Randall-Page

Theme and Variation

5.000 - 10.000 GBP

maquette for self-portrait by alastair mackie

Alastair Mackie

Maquette for Self-portrait

1.000 - 5.000 GBP

it takes two by david mach

David Mach

It Takes Two

5.000 - 10.000 GBP

walking silverback by jonathan kenworthy

Jonathan Kenworthy

Walking Silverback

10.000 - 20.000 GBP

fall break by michael joo

Michael Joo

Fall Break

20.000 - 30.000 GBP

little feller by kenny hunter

Kenny Hunter

Little Feller

1.000 - 5.000 GBP

grotesque unicorn - the dream is dead by damien hirst

Damien Hirst

Grotesque Unicorn - The Dream is Dead

Preis auf Anfrage

i once was what you are, you will be what i am by damien hirst

Damien Hirst

I Once Was What You Are, You Will Be What I Am

50.000 - 75.000 GBP

sadness by damien hirst

Damien Hirst


20.000 - 30.000 GBP

maquette for heroic bust of churchill by marcus harvey

Marcus Harvey

Maquette for Heroic Bust of Churchill

10.000 - 20.000 GBP

Montag, 17. November 2008Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

London, United Kingdom

London’s newest sculpture gallery Pangolin London presents Sterling Stuff II. Pangolin London and Pangolin Editions, Europe’s largest sculpture foundry, have commissioned the country’s leading and emerging contemporary sculptors to create an exceptional exhibition of sculptures in sterling silver. With over 60 works available to purchase from a broad range of artists including Damien Hirst and Antony Gormley, Sterling Stuff II offers a unique opportunity to encounter an extensive cross-section of contemporary sculptural practice. The exhibition will open at Pangolin London in Kings Place, the recently opened arts centre in Kings Cross, London N1, from 17 November to 18 January.

With over 50 contributing artists to Sterling Stuff II, Pangolin London offers an unparalleled exhibition, with a rich and creative vocabulary in both subject matter and technique. The sculptures, all cast in sterling silver, range from the abstract to the figurative, the traditional to the conceptual, and allow the visitor to experience a number of different genres and interpretations from the serene beauty of Jon Buck’s Proteiform to the verve and skill of Jonathan Kenworthy’s Silverback, or the poignant concept behind Michael Joo’s intricate piece to the dreamlike quality of the Yoko Twins by Don Brown.

Throughout the casting process, which is the traditional and complex lost wax casting method, Pangolin Editions has collaborated with each individual sculptor to ensure the best possible result. Many of the artists have never before explored with working in silver, which perhaps explains the extraordinary diversity of silver finishes within the show. Many artists have sought to diminish the widely recognised qualities of silver as a precious metal by flocking or tarnishing the surface; yet others have sought to enhance it and exaggerate its highly polished sheen.

Sterling Stuff II follows the success of the original exhibition, which was held in 2002 at the foundry’s inhouse gallery, Gallery Pangolin. Now showcased in London, the 2008 show has invited a number of new artists, including Marcus Harvey, Dorothy Cross, Alastair Mackie, David Bailey and Kenny Hunter, to experiment with silver. Their sculptures will be displayed alongside new work by past contributors, and a selection of original pieces from the 2002 exhibition.

Highlights from Sterling Stuff II include eight exquisite miniature silver figures by Lynn Chadwick displayed alongside the sculpture of his son, Daniel Chadwick, as well as a remarkable piece by Damien Hirst who has continued to develop his work in silver since Sterling Stuff.

The artists’ continued support for this collaboration has created a diverse and unique collection of silver sculptures, all of which are unified through the material and practice to create an enchanting show.

Polly Bielecka, Gallery Director at Pangolin London reveals: “We are incredibly excited to bring Sterling Stuff II to London. The support from contributors – new and old – has been huge, and we are very proud to be offering these highly original and arresting sculptures, all of which are officially hallmarked.”

Pangolin London is one of London’s few galleries purely dedicated to exhibiting sculpture. Its close affiliation with Europe’s largest foundry, Pangolin Editions, means that Pangolin London is uniquely positioned to showcase the intimate relationship between Art and Craft and to explore in detail the magic of iconic objects made in our time. Pangolin London intends to push the boundaries of contemporary sculpture in its exhibitions by commissioning and sponsoring works that might never otherwise be realised.

Sculptures in the exhibition will range in price from £1,500 to £25,000. A full colour catalogue will accompany this exhibition.

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