Lita Cabellut 'Portrait of Human knowledge' (Opera Gallery London)

Lita Cabellut 'Portrait of Human knowledge' (Opera Gallery London)

maria callas 01 by lita cabellut

Lita Cabellut

Maria Callas 01, 2012

charlie chaplin 04 by lita cabellut

Lita Cabellut

Charlie Chaplin 04, 2012

marilyn monroe 05 by lita cabellut

Lita Cabellut

Marilyn Monroe 05, 2012

charlie chaplin 03 by lita cabellut

Lita Cabellut

Charlie Chaplin 03, 2012

Freitag, 12. Oktober 2012Freitag, 2. November 2012

Paris, France

Rising from the impoverished Spanish streets to evolve into one of the most celebrated and critically acclaimed artists of our time; her style is said to represent the ‘Souls of Humanity’.

The incredible Lita Cabellut returns to Opera Gallery London as you have never seen her before, presenting: “A portrait of human knowledge” from 11 October to 31 October.

Lita Cabellut hit London last year with a debut show which captured and blew away all who stumbled across her canvasses on the walls of Opera Gallery London. The subject: Frida Kahlo; one of the most darkly influential icons of the 20th century; a figurehead for Mexican culture and for the feminist movement. Cabellut offered up a series of mindblowing paintings which truly captured the human emotion of the muse, haunting, powerful and raw, acting as a window into the essence of the artist.

Now Lita returns to London with her latest and no-less dramatic exhibition: “A portrait of human knowledge”. This collection of works, debuting in the Capital, utilises her signature style; reflecting human emotion through the strokes on the canvas. Cabellut dramatically depicts some of the most influential icons of ‘knowledge’ from the past 150 years. Ranging from Stravinsky, Nureyev, Marie Curie, Billy Holiday, Garcia Lorca, Rudolf Steiner to Sigmund Freud. Lita’s ever-communicative and recognizable styleknown as the ‘Cabellut palette’- a contemporary variation of the fresco technique- ensures that these portraits will once again represent the beholder with ‘A voyage through the eyes of the figure’ Robert C.Morgan.

Born into a poor Gypsy environment, Spanish artist Lita Cabellut began her life on the streets of Barcelona. After 13 years enduring a grinding existence Lita was adopted. This new chapter opened the young Lita to her love affair with the arts where she discovered the Prado museum aged 13 and became self-confessedly ‘amorous’ with Goya, Velazquez, Ribera and Rembrandt, famously quoted saying: “I married very young, my first marriage was with the art”.

“When I finish a painting and I sit down alone to re-examine and rediscover what has come out of my soul, I always read in the canvas, through the eyes, the mouth, the gestures, the colors, the lines fighting or kissing, a poem." Lita Cabellut


About the artist:

After four years of classical training, Lita opened her first exhibition in the Town Hall of Masnou, Barcelona at the tender age of seventeen. At just 19 Lita left her native Spain to study at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands which is where she remains today to live and work. Cabellut is renowned for her unique portraits, depicting human emotion through the canvas; translating feeling into a phenomenal portrayal of the subject.

Her unique technique imprints real emotion within her painting’s which gives a depth to her characters. So much so that critics have stated that: “When we look at the paintings of Lita Cabellut, we experience ourselves”