transparent relief construction (white, black, green & maroon) by victor pasmore

Victor Pasmore

Transparent Relief Construction (White, Black, Green & Maroon), 1961

dalston junction by leon kossoff

Leon Kossoff

Dalston Junction, um 1973

series 41 blue added (b) single reverse by bridget riley

Bridget Riley

Series 41 Blue Added (b) single reverse, 1980

small red: january 1973 by patrick heron

Patrick Heron

Small Red: January 1973, 1973

commemorative plate no.27 (death place of abstract art) by grayson perry

Grayson Perry

Commemorative Plate no.27 (Death Place of Abstract Art), 1986

untitled by grayson perry

Grayson Perry

Untitled, 1984

horse 3 by william turnbull

William Turnbull

Horse 3, 2000

plants by victor willing

Victor Willing

Plants, 1981

the ballroom, santa cruz by david hockney

David Hockney

The Ballroom, Santa Cruz, 1966

orange arm by william scott

William Scott

Orange Arm, 1956

self-portrait head by tony bevan

Tony Bevan

Self-Portrait Head, 2012

may 1955 (carved forms and indigo) by ben nicholson

Ben Nicholson

May 1955 (Carved forms and indigo)

immersion by alison wilding

Alison Wilding

Immersion, 1988

hanging sculpture by william turnbull

William Turnbull

Hanging Sculpture, 1949

miner emerging from a stope by graham sutherland

Graham Sutherland

Miner Emerging from a Stope, 1942

circles diminishing by william scott

William Scott

Circles Diminishing