plants by victor willing

Victor Willing

Plants, 1981

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immersion by alison wilding

Alison Wilding

Immersion, 1988

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horse 3 by william turnbull

William Turnbull

Horse 3, 2000

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turquoise, red, yellow & blue (increased width) by bridget riley

Bridget Riley

Turquoise, Red, Yellow & Blue (Increased Width), 1982

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a classical compromise by grayson perry

Grayson Perry

A Classical Compromise, 1989

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abstract in white, black green and maroon by victor pasmore

Victor Pasmore

Abstract in White, Black Green and Maroon, 1962

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the world divides into facts by sir eduardo paolozzi

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi

The World Divides Into Facts, 1963

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may 1955 (carved forms and indigo) by ben nicholson

Ben Nicholson

May 1955 (Carved Forms and Indigo), 1955

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dalston junction by leon kossoff

Leon Kossoff

Dalston Junction, um 1973

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reclining figure (maquette for elmwood figure) by henry moore

Henry Moore

Reclining Figure (Maquette for Elmwood Figure), 1945

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anticoli snow by peter lanyon

Peter Lanyon

Anticoli Snow, um 1953

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h2ny interrupted climax by michael landy

Michael Landy

H2NY Interrupted Climax, 2007

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felled trees by ivon hitchens

Ivon Hitchens

Felled Trees, 1942

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the ballroom, santa cruz by david hockney

David Hockney

The Ballroom, Santa Cruz, 1966

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tulips and painting by david hockney

David Hockney

Tulips and Painting, 1977

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two figures (blue grey) by barbara hepworth

Barbara Hepworth

Two Figures (Blue Grey), 1951

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