Jose Garcia Cordero: El Reposo del Guerrero

Jose Garcia Cordero: El Reposo del Guerrero

cruxificcion i by josé garcía cordero

José García Cordero

Cruxificcion I, 2007

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Mittwoch, 17. April 2013Samstag, 18. Mai 2013

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Garcia Cordero explained in 'Allegro Gallery', Panama and "Special Guest" 1st Biennale from the South:

Renowned Dominican-born artist based in Paris since 1977, Jose Garcia Cordero, recently awarded the "Medal of Merit" by the French Senate will present the solo exhibition "The Rest of the Warrior" at Allegro Gallery, Panama, on 17 April, 2013, with the collaboration of Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Santo Domingo.

At the same time the artist has been called as' Special Guest 'to' First Biennial South in Panama: summoning Worlds ", from 15 April to 30 May 2013, being an international project that aims to link the cultural agenda of the country, promoting the new trends in contemporary art in the region, reflecting on four specific issues: violence, economy, water and travel.

Regarding the Garcia Cordero solo show, "The Rest of the Warrior" which opens in "Allegro Gallery, Panama, is a collection comprised of 12 paintings, made in acrylic on linen, jointly curated by its director, La Guardia Mirie & LOR Projects, comprising a retrospective creation period 2006 / / 2012.

In the words of the famous Cuban writer and poet, Wendy Guerra, who works with the written exhibition catalog:

"For those who have not had the opportunity to read history backwards visually, I invite you to suffer the big joke, the great fun of Garcia Cordero, the gesture that sits solemnly in his hand to make a return to lyricism. If you let translate the world with your eye, learn to read in spots throughout the universe, aimlessly scheme, the labyrinth protected by a large pulse of history knows, its interpretation versátil.Trans-appearance is narrated only in armored architecture in search of pure transparency, and now opens the master, one that as a test, causing a variety of voices on added dimensions in real or entity."

Garcia Cordero has become his solid career, a real spearhead of RD and being one of the greatest exponents national and international contemporary art Dominican worthily represent our country and Latin America in the most prestigious art circuits and demanding of the great capitals of the world and recognize what collectors, curators, galleries, museums and institutions. His major works are in permanent collections, public and private, spread throughout the world, such as:. Museum of Latinamerican Art, Long Beach, California. Collection Cortes, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Architect Collection Narbonne, Panama. Museum of Modern Art, RD. Collection León Jimenes, Santiago, RD. Chamber of Deputies of the Dominican Republic. Central Bank of the Dominican Republic. Sévigné 13 Galerie, Paris, Vitry-Sur Francia.Salón Sur Seine, France. Ortiz Gurdian Foundation, Leon, Nicaragua. Collection Jesus David Alvarez (Vega Sicilia), Madrid, Spain. & Merle Meyer Family Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. FRAC - Regional Contemporary Art Fund, Martina. Ben & Jerry Aguilar Erikson Collection, New York, NY. Rafaelle Coast Collection, Genova, Italy. Among others, he has received numerous awards among which are:

2013 - Special Guest the 1st Biennial South, Panama. 2012 - Medal of Merit, Senate of France, Paris. 1999 - Prize acquisition Visual Arts Biennial, Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 1997 - Special guest on "1st Biennial of Lima," Peru. 1996 - "Gold Medal", 3rd Biennial Caribbean and Central America, Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. MARCO Selection Award, Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey, Mexico. 1992 - "Gold Medal", 1st Biennial of the Caribbean and Central America, Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 1991 - Award "Vitry Novembre", Vitry-Sur-Seine, Paris, Francia.1990 - Special Award in Painting. Visual Arts Biennial. IDB Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 1979 - Prize Drawing, Visual Arts Biennial, Museum of Modern Art, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The rest of the warrior Garcia Cordero, will be open to the public until May 17, 2013.