Moon Beom: Secret Garden

Moon Beom: Secret Garden

secret garden #150_white blue, deep red by moon beom

Moon Beom

Secret Garden #150_white blue, deep red, 2013

secret garden #325_mauve, paynes gray by moon beom

Moon Beom

Secret Garden #325_mauve, paynes gray, 2013

secret garden #301_jade green, light blue by moon beom

Moon Beom

Secret Garden #301_jade green, light blue, 2012

secret garden #320_ivory green, paynes gray by moon beom

Moon Beom

Secret Garden #320_ivory green, paynes gray, 2013

Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013Samstag, 16. November 2013

Kim Foster Gallery
New York, NY USA

Kim Foster Gallery is pleased to announce its sixth solo exhibition of paintings by Korean artist Moon Beom. The new work is from the series titled “Secret Garden.“ The artist begins with a monochrome surface using an acrylic pigment. He then applies small dabs of color using oil stick, pushing the oil pigment with his hand into a kind of hyperrealist foliage that simulates buds and leaves in an ambiguous time and space.

While minimalism has always played a role in Moon Beom’s work, the balance between the monochrome and the minimal aspects of these paintings with the lyrical, lettuce-like forms suggests some hybrid association with traditional landscape painting of his homeland. Yet despite the visual resemblance, Moon Beom’s recent work is inspired by the artist’s contemplation on the art of painting. The scenes depicted on the canvas are mere traces of oil pigment applied by the artist’s hands with different speed and pressure. Through endless repetition of this process, the artist examines the dynamic relationship between the canvas and his inner nature. Moon’s primary artistic interest is not concerned with expressing or representing reality, but with transferring his emotional and physical constitution to the painting itself.

The realm of landscape has become much more broad, extending its scope beyond the representation of visible reality. Moon’s rhythmic method of painting yields a distinct visual structure where art and nature fluidly embrace.

Moon Beom currently lives and works in Seoul. His work has been reviewed in Art in America, Artforum, Tema Celeste, Art Press and Sculpture. His artwork is included in the 2013 publication “Korean Art: The Power of Now,” co-published by TransGlobe Publishing and Thames & Hudson, and “Korean Contemporary Art,” published by Prestel Verlag, Munich, London. New York, 2012. He has been featured in a number of recent exhibitions including “Super/Natural,” Christies Private Sales Exhibition, New York, “Korean Eye,” Saatchi Gallery, London (2012 Summer Olympics), “(Im)Possible Landscape,” Plateau / Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul. (2012-13). Moon was a representative of Korea at the 2000 KwangJu Biennial.