Hunter Kirkland Contemporary

Annual Show Of New Work

Annual Show Of New Work

Montag, 21. November 2011Samstag, 31. Dezember 2011

Santa Fe, NM USA

Just in time for the holidays, Hunter Kirkland’s Annual Show of New Work, November 21–December 31, highlights new work from Hunter Kirkland’s family of fine artists. This is your chance to view the latest output from some of your favorites and get acquainted with artists whose work you might not yet know.

The contemporary artworks we display represent broadly diverse styles and mediums, but they all have one trait in common: They’re produced by highly skilled artists who have spent many years honing their craft. Their dedication to excellence is what makes the difference between promising artists with talent and truly exceptional artists whose work continues to evolve and transcend standard definitions and traditional categories.

You can see this genre-bending at work in the abstract expressionism of Rick Stevens and Peter Burega, two stylistically different artists who both began their careers as landscape painters and subsequently transformed their observations from nature into highly abstracted, richly colored visions of the world and its mysteries.

Jennifer J.L. Jones, whose exquisite polished surfaces lend refinement to her mixed-media chronicles of an inner journey, shares an affinity for multilayered representations of emotion and memory with Joan Bohn, who expertly manipulates texture and color to produce mixed-media studies of loss, longing, and enduring beauty. Painter Leslie Tejada takes the processes of layering and adding texture to new heights of abstraction in her luminescent, tapestry-like mediations on ancient truths.

A touch of whimsy tempered with wry social commentary emerges from the fertile imaginations of painter Michael Madzo and sculptor Ted Gall, each of whom turns his observations on the human condition into works of art that are as thought-provoking and as they visually exciting—at once light-hearted and profound, fun yet vaguely disturbing.

A fascination with humankind’s earliest expressions in writing and drawing informs the work of two artists who incorporate fragmented words, letters, and markings to evoke a sense of discovery. Laura Wait produces vividly evocative, fresco-like encaustic paintings, echoing ancient structures whose history is imbedded in their multilayered surfaces. Charlotte Foust combines layers of texture with impeccably placed blocks of color in her mixed-media explorations, blending the sensibilities of the action painters like de Kooning with the boldness of the color-field artists like Diebenkorn.

These are just some of the extraordinary artists whose work we proudly represent. We hope you’ll visit the gallery or find us online to enjoy more of the groundbreaking art we have to offer—we look forward to welcoming you and sharing our excitement over this intriguing body of work.

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