new colorstudy (dark green)

New Colorstudy (Dark green), 1976 - 2012

tollebeek spring by jan dibbets

Jan Dibbets

Tollebeek Spring, 2000

untitled (group of 10 erasers) by david adamo

David Adamo

Untitled (Group of 10 erasers), 2012

untitled (elements property) by matt mullican

Matt Mullican

Untitled (Elements Property), 2012

sans titre by lucy skaer

Lucy Skaer

Sans titre, 2009

sans titre by eric poitevin

Eric Poitevin

Sans titre, 2012

untitled by david adamo

David Adamo

Untitled, 2012

head honcho by mel bochner

Mel Bochner

Head Honcho, 2010

chimney by thomas schütte

Thomas Schütte

Chimney, 2011

the aluminum monochromes #18 by pedro cabrita reis

Pedro Cabrita Reis

The Aluminum Monochromes #18, 2011

les bleus #1 by pedro cabrita reis

Pedro Cabrita Reis

Les bleus #1, 2011

sans titre by silvia bächli

Silvia Bächli

Sans titre, 2011

water drowns, 10 by helen mirra

Helen Mirra

Water drowns, 10, 2005

main d'artiste (robert filliou - bob watts - marisol) by robert filliou

Robert Filliou

Main d'artiste (Robert Filliou - Bob Watts - Marisol), 1967

0696 (glass house series) by james welling

James Welling

0696 (Glass House series), 2006

sans titre by anne-marie schneider

Anne-Marie Schneider

Sans titre, 2010