Aysegül Sagbas 'Evlenmeden Olmaz // Not Before Marriage'

Aysegül Sagbas 'Evlenmeden Olmaz // Not Before Marriage'

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Istanbul, Turkey

Aysegül Sagbas 'Evlenmeden Olmaz // Not Before Marriage'
11/01/2013 - 02/02/2013

Ayþegül Sagbas exhibits her latest works at Galeri Zilberman.

In her latest exhibition titled 'Not Before Marriage', she once again opens to discussion the most intimate realities of society and the moral taboos through her fictional character Fadu, who she used in her previous painting series.
This exhibition makes reference to sex before marriage, which ceased to be a problem in parts of big cities but still is a taboo in most parts of Turkey. Sexuality, a basic drive in human nature, cannot be held down in spite of all efforts of repression. Fadu, who got to be known by her naiveté in the artist's earlier works, adapts to contemporary reality and turns into some kind of sex idol.

In addition to customs and traditions, consumer society and media promote a certain type of woman, and Fadu adapts herself to this transformation. Füruzan Þimþek says the following about Ayþegül Sagbas's latest paintings and about Fadu:

“...the commodification of the woman is accepted by women through time in a male-dominant society. Fadu has found out what men like in a woman through the media. “Yes! Fishnet stockings are sexy! Men like that!” she said. She locked herself up in the fishnet stockings she chose, having been convinced by the media –which, in fact, had convinced the men as well. Fadu recreates herself as a result of these effects and reveals the devil in her. Her naiveté is kept intact by way of a cartoon character but this doesn't distract from her sexiness; and on the other hand, the sexiness taught through the fishnets is emphasised even further. And thus, a modern-day heroine that serves modern-day needs is born. The fishnets augment the graphic effect in the paintings. Not satisfied with this, the artist adds a new point of view to the paintings in this exhibition. Paintings with close-up frames distances the compositions from reality, while drawing the audience closer to Fadu's sexuality...”

Societal taboos, roles imposed by the media, the distressful process of defining childhood and adulthood are stuck between the details of Fadu's colourful and entertaining world, waiting to be resolved, while Fadu is waiting to be desired with all her allure.

'Not Before Marriage' can be visited at Galeri Zilberman between January 11th and February 2nd.

Aysegül Sagbas
She received her undergraduate degree in painting at the Faculty of Education at Ondokuz Mayýs University as well as Kishinev in Moldova. Her work has been displayed at national and international group exhibitions, and this is her third personal exhibition in Istanbul. She has won the Success Award in the Municipality of Beyoðlu Painting Competition as well as third place in the TJK Painting Competition. She lives and works in Istanbul.