The AIPAD Photography Show

The AIPAD Photography Show

street photographer by irving penn

Irving Penn

Street Photographer, 1951

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Donnerstag, 4. April 2013Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Tucson, AZ USA

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The AIPAD Photography Show

Etherton is delighted to be able to showcase a rare and highly collectible set of nine 20 X 24 inch prints from Aaron Siskind's series, Pleasures and Terrors of Levitation (1953-1961). Of the ten sets made between 1982 and 1989, only three or four sets are known to remain intact. The grid will be displayed in the order Aaron Siskind originally envisioned.

We are also excited to present an exquisite platinum print by Irving Penn, Street Photographer, New York (1951), from Small Trades, a series begun in the 1950s and revisited over many decades.