Luc Joly et Michel Butor: Dialogues Simultanés

Luc Joly et Michel Butor: Dialogues Simultanés

le tour du monde by luc joly and michel butor

Luc Joly and Michel Butor

Le Tour du Monde

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Dienstag, 13. November 2012Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Lausanne, Switzerland

Luc Joly et Michel Butor: Dialogues Simultanés
November 13th -December 22nd 2012

Dubner Moderne is pleased to announce that from November 13th until December 22nd 2012, the gallery will be exhibiting a selection of "Dialogues Simultanés" works by the Swiss painter Luc Joly and the French writer Michel Butor. At the same time as the exhibition in Lausanne, the Galerie de la Grenette of the City of Sion, in conjunction with the Fellini Foundation, will also be exhibiting a retrospective of this seminal body of work from November 9th until December 23rd .

For over 27 years Michel Butor and Luc Joly have regularly engaged each other in a playful creative exchange, that combines their respective literary voice and artistic brush. Aptly named "Dialogues Simultanés", this body of over 400 works is a lively and imaginative conversation between writer and painter. During collaborative sessions Butor and Joly alternatively apply their thoughts, on a variety of paper and cardboard, and allow each other's texts and brushstrokes to animate their spontaneous discourse. In line with the Cobra movement, the "Dialogues Simultanés" are a magnificent intercourse between text and image that plays on the complementary and contradictory stimuli of the meaning of the words and the absolute freedom of sight.

On Saturday November 24th, Dubner Moderne invites you to the Vernissage of the "Dialogues Simultanés" at the gallery from 11 am to 5 pm.