Drake Fine Art

van nuys by peter alexander

Peter Alexander

Van Nuys, 2001

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olympic by peter alexander

Peter Alexander

Olympic, 1998

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rangoon by dan christensen

Dan Christensen

Rangoon, 1993

anonymous site 2-816 by virginia jaramillo

Virginia Jaramillo

Anonymous site 2-816, 1989

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chance drawing, she speaks for herself by gary kuehn

Gary Kuehn

Chance Drawing, She Speaks for Herself, 2002

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m. folletête (plitt) et tupy, paris by jacques henri lartigue

Jacques Henri Lartigue

M. Folletête (Plitt) et Tupy, Paris, 1912

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transformation by kim lindaberry

Kim Lindaberry

Transformation, 2008

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fools grace i by kim lindaberry

Kim Lindaberry

Fools Grace I, 2013

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international systems and control, houston, 1972-77 (2nd version) by mark lombardi

Mark Lombardi

International Systems and Control, Houston, 1972-77 (2nd version), 1997

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title not known by fabian marcaccio

Fabian Marcaccio

title not known, um 1996 - 1998

25.000 - 35.000 USD

grampean spiriti jumper dreaming by david mccullough

David McCullough

Grampean Spiriti Jumper Dreaming, 1992

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shadow puppets by david mccullough

David McCullough

Shadow Puppets

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untitled by larry poons

Larry Poons

Untitled, 1973

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cardbird vi by robert rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg

Cardbird VI, 1971

n36 by jackie saccoccio

Jackie Saccoccio

n36, 2008 - 2009

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robe by george segal

George Segal

Robe, 1978