fete by gifford beal

Gifford Beal


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notre dame at night by ludwig bemelmans

Ludwig Bemelmans

Notre Dame at Night

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tars, azlo “flach” soho fat mill by oscar florianus bluemner

Oscar Florianus Bluemner

Tars, Azlo “Flach” Soho Fat Mill, 1920

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untitled x by norman bluhm

Norman Bluhm

Untitled X, 1964

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blemishedballadofhoarydarkeness by stanley boxer

Stanley Boxer


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sundelta by stanley boxer

Stanley Boxer


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late winter dawn by charles ephraim burchfield

Charles Ephraim Burchfield

Late Winter Dawn, 1956 - 1965

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shadows landing by dennis eugene norman burton

Dennis Eugene Norman Burton

Shadows Landing

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mary anne moore by clarence holbrook carter

Clarence Holbrook Carter

Mary Anne Moore, 1932

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shining oceansides by arthur bowen davies

Arthur Bowen Davies

Shining Oceansides, 1910

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long island by preston dickinson

Preston Dickinson

Long Island, um 1929 - 1930

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our ford, high head (cape cod) by edwin walter dickinson

Edwin Walter Dickinson

Our Ford, High Head (Cape Cod), 1934

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armistice day parade of 1922, mexia, texas by john philip falter

John Philip Falter

Armistice Day Parade of 1922, Mexia, Texas

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landscape near lincoln, massachusetts by lyonel feininger

Lyonel Feininger

Landscape Near Lincoln, Massachusetts, 1951

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shelling peas by robert gwathmey

Robert Gwathmey

Shelling Peas, um 1945

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limited expanse by wolf kahn

Wolf Kahn

Limited Expanse, 1999

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