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la poupée, berlin by hans bellmer

Hans Bellmer

La Poupée, Berlin, um 1935 - 1936

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antique terracotta relief of an angel slaying a bull by henri le secq

Henri Le Secq

Antique Terracotta Relief of an Angel Slaying a Bull, um 1854 - 1856

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woman modeling with abstract backdrop by edward steichen

Edward Steichen

Woman Modeling with Abstract Backdrop, um 1920

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man ray by andy warhol

Andy Warhol

Man Ray, 1974

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the path in the woods by josef sudek

Josef Sudek

The Path in the Woods, um 1922

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beginnings, frosted window, rochester, ny by minor white

Minor White

Beginnings, Frosted Window, Rochester, NY, 1962

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oklahoma dust bowl by dorothea lange

Dorothea Lange

Oklahoma Dust Bowl, 1935

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ramparts at arles by charles nègre

Charles Nègre

Ramparts at Arles, 1852

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portail ouest, eglise sainte-marie, arles-sur-tech (pyrénées- orientales) by gustave le gray and auguste mestral

Gustave le Gray and Auguste Mestral

Portail Ouest, Eglise Sainte-Marie, Arles-sur-tech (Pyrénées- Orientales), 1851

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schoolchildren looking from the top of notre-dame cathedral at the seine river, paris by henri cartier-bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Schoolchildren Looking from the Top of Notre-Dame Cathedral at the Seine River, Paris, 1953 - gedruckt: 1955

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distortion #65 by andré kertész

André Kertész

Distortion #65, 1933 - gedruckt: 1970

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portrait of samuel b. morse by mathew b. brady

Mathew B. Brady zugeschrieben

Portrait of Samuel B. Morse, 1855 - 1857

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double-impression of the eiffel tower, paris by françois kollar

François Kollar

Double-Impression of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, um 1931

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tanz dore hoyer, dresden by edmund kesting

Edmund Kesting

Tanz Dore Hoyer, Dresden, 1926 - gedruckt: 1939

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two children by gustave le gray and auguste mestral

Umkreis von Gustave le Gray and Auguste Mestral

Two Children, 1848

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le nu provencal, gordes by willy ronis

Willy Ronis

Le Nu Provencal, Gordes, 1949 - gedruckt: 1985

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