Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney - Cologne

Ryu, Ho-Yeol

Ryu, Ho-Yeol

cable car by ryu hoyeol

Ryu HoYeol

Cable car, 2009

namsan by ryu hoyeol

Ryu HoYeol

Namsan, 2009

stadt (city) by ryu hoyeol

Ryu HoYeol

Stadt (City), 2006

meer (sample clip of video) by ryu hoyeol

Ryu HoYeol

Meer (sample clip of video), 2011

meer by ryu hoyeol

Ryu HoYeol

Meer, 2011

baum by ryu hoyeol

Ryu HoYeol

Baum, 2011

Samstag, 30. Juli 2011Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Sydney, Australia



The Conny Dietzschold Gallery is pleased to newly introduce Korean artist RYU, HO-YEOL as a first solo exhibition in Australia. This exhibition also marks the 50th Anniversary celebration of friendship between Korea and Australia.

Korean artist Ryu, Ho-Yeol uses all possible media such as video, photography, and 3-dimensional artworks. His video work, often less than 4 minutes, consists of images such as a car parked in front of a house shooting up to the sky and blowing up as fireworks or city images appearing and disappearing rhythmically to a music as if dancing (Tag 2007). Another work shows a flock of Boing 747 airplanes flying together presenting fantastic air shows (Flughafen 2005). Thus, his images of reality are worked into entirely different situations and stories like a mischievous child. At that moment, reality is no longer a space of an ordinary life of fixed systems, but it becomes a space for play and of freedom. He intentionally twists and breaks the frames of logical rationality in artworks and the digital technology, which he uses as his basis, contributes to the effective visualization of this. At this point we are able to analogize that his series of artworks imply aesthetic attitude that goes beyond simple plays. However, at the center of all of his artworks is a computer. In this aspect, his artworks aims for light and cheerful media art instead of existing media art that were rather heavy and rigid that made inquiries into rather serious conceptual themes such as concepts of time or sublime. Furthermore, he uses media strictly as effective means, not as a goal.
While we wander freely in the imaginative space through his artworks, we experience the pleasure of walls of the conventions of reality collapse, which we believed to be absolute. The artist especially draws the viewer’s attention successfully by employing suitable speed and rhythm. With this, the viewers are able to identify how interesting the high-tech media art can be. However, Ryu’s playful tendency goes beyond reality and imaginative is anti-conceptual and deconstructive. His works are daydreams of true freedom.

Prof Ryu, Ho-Yeol is presently a lecturer at Chung-Ang University, College of Arts in Seoul. He is a master student of Prof John Armleder and Prof Birgit Hein. He received the Villa Minimo-Award of Kunstverein Hannover in 2004 and the Media Art Ansan Award, Korea, in 2006. This will be Ryu’s first solo exhibition within Australia. Ryu, Ho-Yeol lives and works in Seoul and Hannover, Germany. He has had extensive solo shows throughout Europe and Korea and his works are in major international collections ie Louis Vuitton Paris.

The exhibition will be opened in the presence of a representative of the Cultural Department of the Korean Consulate Sydney.