Pleased to Meet Me: Recent Works by David Buckingham

Pleased to Meet Me: Recent Works by David Buckingham

sirhan, sirhan by david buckingham

David Buckingham

Sirhan, Sirhan

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Samstag, 8. September 2012Sonntag, 30. September 2012

San Francisco, CA USA

Artist Reception, Saturday, September 8th 4-6PM

St. Helena, CA - Los Angeles sculptor David Buckingham salvages scrap metal from lonely, hardscrabble regions of the California desert, transforming his finds into provocative, dynamic artworks that, like all great Pop art, connect instantly with the viewer. Scouring the landscape for colorful sections of machinery and signage left to weather in the hot sun—everything from castoff vehicles to hay balers to oil drums—is central to his practice, as is the process of wrestling these difficult materials into language and clean geometric forms via what he calls “a bewildering array of power tools and sheer force of will.”

In Buckingham’s hands, abandoned materials of American commerce are recast as iconic cultural language: movie lines, song lyrics, symbols, signs, and bright abstract compositions, all with a sense of color, wordplay, and edge recalling the work of Ed Ruscha, Jack Pierson, and Jasper Johns. “Each piece is a bit of a self-excavation,” Buckingham says. “For the past 50 years I’ve had popular culture pounded into me, and now it’s starting to come back out, in metal.”

Educated at New York’s Rivington School, Buckingham has exhibited his work at venues including the Riverside Art Museum, CA, and galleries in the U.S and abroad. Featured in a 2011 international campaign for Wrangler jeans, his sculpture have found homes in numerous private collections.

David Buckingham – Pleased To Meet Me, September 2012 – Caldwell Snyder Gallery, 1328 Main Street, St. Helena, CA. Artist Reception September 8th, 4-6 PM. For more information, highresolution images, or an artist press kit, please contact Christina Maybaum, at: or call (415) 392-2299 |