Day of Dreams and Visions: Recent Paintings by Bobbie Burgers

Day of Dreams and Visions: Recent Paintings by Bobbie Burgers

sense of an ending by bobbie burgers

Bobbie Burgers

Sense of an Ending

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Donnerstag, 7. März 2013Sonntag, 31. März 2013

San Francisco, CA USA

Artist Reception Saturday, Mar 23rd 5-7pm

Romantically rendered floral displays are the basis of Bobbie Burgers’ paintings. Her favored subject matter - flowers - serve as the muse for her infatuation with color and its infinite variety of forms. This sophisticated color palette combined with intense, dynamic brushstrokes, results in exquisite still life compositions, which conjure up images of Van Gogh’s famed sunflower series, with a more feminine and fluid quality, reminiscent of classical Dutch still lifes and Renaissance paintings. Burgers also credits American and Canadian painters, Joan Mitchell (the late Abstract Expressionist), Gordon Smith and Gathie Falk for inspiring her. Despite the fact that she relates to these modern and contemporary artists, her work undoubtedly harkens back to classical traditions.

Although the paintings have strong ties to the fore mentioned artistic traditions, Burgers is not preoccupied with this aspect of her work. Her primary interest is to elicit an emotional response from her viewers, projecting a fundamental optimism and overwhelming sense of joy.

“After several years of delving into the center of flowers, with all their glorious color combinations, forms and personalities, I finally feel the confidence to step back and let my subjects immerse the viewer in a more nebulous way.”

Her latest paintings pulse with energy in sumptuous palettes of Provençal yellows and golds, violets and reds, with branches coming into bud, and tulips falling gently toward decay. Through strong, expressive brushstrokes and enormous scale, simple blooms are transformed into dramatic narrative arcs - bursting, twisting, and evoking freedom and renewal.

“Painting immortalizes not only an image in time, but also the emotion of the painter,” Burgers says. “I wanted these works to follow the season in its first quiver of youth, and then pass on to something more subtle and layered.”

Within the layers of opulent petals lies a subtle invitation, perhaps, to pause and revel in the elation of springtime, and the bittersweet passage of each moment.