Germán Gómez: Diary Portraits

Germán Gómez: Diary Portraits

de padres y de hijos. estudio iv-iii (fathers and sons. study iv-iii) by german gomez

German Gomez

De Padres y de Hijos. Estudio IV-III (Fathers and Sons. Study IV-III), 2011

de padres y de hijos. cartel iii-iv (fathers and sons. cartel iii-iv) by german gomez

German Gomez

De Padres y de Hijos. Cartel III-IV (Fathers and Sons. Cartel III-IV), 2010

Mittwoch, 4. April 2012Samstag, 28. April 2012

Philadelphia, PA USA

Bridgette Mayer Gallery is pleased to present its first solo exhibition of Spanish artist, winner of the Photo España Best New Photographer award, Germán Gómez. “Diary Portraits” will be on view from April 4 – 28, 2012. The exhibition will feature some of his most prominent works of the past decade.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional photography with the incorporation of collage and drawing into his works, Gómez attempts to grasp his own image by arranging torn images of close friends and family into portraits. As he examines his own identity through the faces and bodies of others, the work serves as a catalogue or recording of the artist’s emotions and states of mind over the years. Gómez returns to the recurring themes of movement, distortion, damnation, and violence through a number of photographic series, including “Del susurro al grito” (From Whisper to Shout) in which ripped and spliced photographic pieces have been stitched together leaving behind external traces of the artist’s own torment and scarring. On the outcome of his practice, Gómez states that these portraits act as “an emotional autobiography, revolving around the search for himself, for his own identity; extension and expression of his own life; a tool to explore and to find himself.”

German Gómez received his B.F.A. and M.F.A. at Complutense University in Madrid. He has shown his works at a number of spaces around the world including Gallery Fernando Pradilla (Madrid, Spain), El Museo Gallery (Bogota, Colombia), Gallery Bertin-Toublanc (Miami, FL), Pinta London (London, UK), Scope Basel (Switzerland), Kulturhuset in Stockholm, National Museum of Photography in Copenhaguen, Institutes Cervantes in New York and Moscow and Contemporary Art Museum in Sao Paulo among many others. His pieces have also been shown in prominent collections, such as 21C Museum (Kentucky, USA), Museo Nacional Reina Sofía (Madrid), and Fundación ONCE (Madrid), in addition to being featured in a number of publications, including “Gómez, G., Yo, tú, él, ella, nosotros, nosotras, vosotros, vosotras, ellos y ellas”, “Nuevas Historia: A New View of Spanish Photography and Video Art” and “100 Fotógrafos Españoles”. The artist currently lives and works in Madrid.

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