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Zbigniew Grzyb: Selected Pastels

Zbigniew Grzyb: Selected Pastels

untitled by zbigniew grzyb

Zbigniew Grzyb


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Samstag, 10. März 2012Samstag, 14. April 2012

West Hartford, CT USA

In 2010 artist Zbigniew Grzyb returned to his native Poland for an exhibition of his large paintings at The National Museum in Przemysl. While traveling, primarily by train, the artist worked with pastel in a series of notebooks and this exhibition presents these drawings for the first time. These works further Gryzb's intense involvement with color and form and are at once authoritative and assured; lyrical and playful.

Zbigniew Grzyb works primarily with the elements of line and texture. Shunning representation and 'meaning', his work requires that the viewer accept pure abstraction. His drawings and paintings are often characterized by a freedom of movement and gesture that is evident in the energy of the lines.

Grzyb was born in Poland and attended the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow. He came to the United States in 1973 and has exhibited widely throughout the region. His work can be found in many fine public and private collections.