Sophy Rickett: Auditorium and selected works

Sophy Rickett: Auditorium and selected works

untitled by sophy rickett

Sophy Rickett

Untitled, 1999 - 2001

nature study, untitled 6 by sophy rickett

Sophy Rickett

Nature Study, Untitled 6, 2009

Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011Samstag, 27. August 2011

London, United Kingdom

Private view: Wednesday 6 July 7–9pm

Brancolini Grimaldi is delighted to present Sophy Rickett’s video installation Auditorium to its first London audience.

Made in collaboration with composer Ed Hughes, Auditorium is a direct response to the architecture of the opera house at Glyndebourne, and in particular the mechanics of staging and lighting. The video uncompromisingly strips back the operatic space to its architectural and theatrical core, using simple, slow movement that transforms the interior of the building in a monumental caress of light and shadow. Ed Hughes’ musical score overlays the film’s formal, grid-like structures with its own elements of line and rhythm while adding further dimensions of musical space and colour.

Working with photography, and more recently video installation, Rickett’s work explores the tension between the narrative tendencies and the abstract possibilities of photography and the moving image. Her work goes against recent trends in contemporary photography that have stressed a realist approach to the world; instead her photographs create spatial plays and ambiguities that often draw attention to the material nature of the photograph, as a picture plane. Paradoxically, perhaps, her photographs generate a powerful atmosphere, one that is consistently infused with the desire, uncertainty and expectation associated with darkness and the unseen.

Several earlier works from Rickett’s oeuvre will also be shown, representing an opportunity to survey some key works from her photographic practice in relation to her more recent video work.

Rickett’s most recent project, To The River, is currently being shown in ArtSway’s New Forest Pavilion at The 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice.

Auditorium was commissioned by Photoworks, Glyndebourne Education and De La Warr Pavilion.