Encore II: BFF [Best Friends Furever]

Encore II: BFF [Best Friends Furever]


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Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Scottsdale, AZ USA

Special Reception Thursday December 27, 2012

Some things are better the second time around, and so it would seem with artist Ron Burns. Featuring an encore of his show last season in which he chose and painted many patrons’ loveable “forever friends” he returns to the gallery, have selected a new round of our precious pets to immortalize on canvas. Celebrating their lives in living color, as only Ron can, he will fill our walls with the faces we love every day. Walk in and have your heart warmed by these friendly faces during this holiday season.

“Ron Burns captures the essence of dogs: strength without arrogance, beauty without vanity, courage, and grace. He also knows that dogs are nature’s finest comics, and he can put their clownish hearts on canvas. Wonderful paintings. “ DEAN KOONTZ

“Ron has an uncanny but uniquely special gift to paint a picture of an individual dog as unique as their DNA.” DR. MARTY BECKER

“Extremely collectible.” FORBES MAGAZINE

Ron is an artist with a true commitment to helping animals.” WAYNE PACELLE

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