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PARALLEL LIVES : China and Hong Kong by Yang Zhichao and Douglas Young

PARALLEL LIVES : China and Hong Kong by Yang Zhichao and Douglas Young

Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Hong Kong, China

The exhibition will be held in 10 Chancery Lane Gallery's NEW indoor/outdoor exhibition venue in Chai Wan's industrial warehouse art district

23 May – Late July 2013

Yang Zichao was born in China in 1963, Hong Kong artist and designer Douglas Young born in 1965, coincidentally share the same name in Chinese: Yang Zhichao. Parallel Lives explores a slice of history between two overlapping lives separated by a boarder of Hong Kong and China. Yang Zhichao spent four years collecting the personal notebooks of 3,000 individuals dating from 1949-1999. His series entitled, Chinese Bible covers 50 years of history within the writings of personal notebooks. Douglas Young is obsessed with Hong Kong's recent past and collects objects from his lifetime that are now disappearing in the fast changing modernization of the city. The objects themselves are not antiques nor are valuable but they speak volumes about Hong Kong's daily life in the past 50 years. Parallel Lives is an exhibition of collective memory by two very different artists who share a commonality of age and name as well as search yet have never met.