Wei Ligang  (Chinese, 1964) 


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Wei Ligang, Buddha Fingers


Wei Ligang
Buddha Fingers

Ethan Cohen Fine Art
Wei Ligang, Untitled


Wei Ligang

Ethan Cohen Fine Art
Wei Ligang, Shui Xian Hua Luo Han Song


Wei Ligang
Shui Xian Hua Luo Han Song

Ethan Cohen Fine Art
Wei Ligang, Peacock, Rouge


Wei Ligang
Peacock, Rouge

Michael Goedhuis
Wei Ligang, Ascending


Wei Ligang

Pearl Lam Galleries
Wei Ligang, Wooden Horse


Wei Ligang
Wooden Horse

Pearl Lam Galleries
Wei Ligang, An Auspicious Bird Flying above the Golden Palace


Wei Ligang
An Auspicious Bird Flying above the Golden Palace

Alisan Fine Arts
Wei Ligang, Golden Plum Blossom


Wei Ligang
Golden Plum Blossom

Alisan Fine Arts
Wei Ligang, Qie Qin Lan Xi, Yan Guo Nan Yun (I carry my Qin to Lan Xi, the geese fly over the clouds in the South)


Wei Ligang
Qie Qin Lan Xi, Yan Guo Nan Yun (I carry my Qin to Lan Xi, the geese fly over the clouds in the South)

Michael Goedhuis
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Wei Ligang, 一炉村酒闪风灯 (A shining light at a village inn)


Wei Ligang
一炉村酒闪风灯 (A shining light at a village inn), 2011
acrylic on canvas


Details ansehen
Wei Ligang, 英国花圃2 (British garden no.2)


Wei Ligang
英国花圃2 (British garden no.2)
ink, mixed media on paper


Details ansehen
Wei Ligang, 无题 (Untitled)


Wei Ligang
无题 (Untitled)
ink and color on paper


Details ansehen
1964   Born in Datong City, Shanxi Province, China
1981   Major in mathematics, Nankai University, Tianjin, China
1981   Student of Tianjin famous calligraphers Li Henian, Wang Xuezhong and Sun Boxiang
1985   Taught mathematics in Taiyuan City, China
1985   Began to study Fushan style calligraphy
1989   Published Wei Ligang’s Calligraphy and Seal Carving
1991   Graduated from advanced course at Sha Menghai Calligraphy College, Ningbo, China
1992   Documentary programme produced by UNICEF “Xi’an, Fen River Loves You” introducing his modern
1995   Settled in Beijing, China
1995   Guest lecturer of Qinghua University, Beijing, China
1997   Organized “7 Artists at Yuan Ming Yuan”, Song Feng Xuan Gallery, Beijing, China
1998   Attended symposium “The Development of Chinese Modern Calligraphy”, Gaoyou, Jiangsu Province,
1998   Vice president of Chinese Modern Calligraphy Association and Director of its reviewing committee
1998   Organised exhibition “The New Trunk Line”, Taiyuan, China
1999   Published calligraphy album Pseudo-Masters
1999   Organized “Bashu Parade-99 Chengdu Retrospective of Chinese Modern Calligraphy at the End of 20th Century” with Pu Lieping
2000   Programme introducing his modern calligraphy produced by Reuters
2001   Invited to give lecture on Chinese calligraphy by Australia
2001   Organized a Chinese-foreign group exhibition of modern calligraphy & “0℃ Project Contemporary Action” installation exhibition, Beijing, China
2001   Guest of symposia, He Xiang Ning Art Gallery, Shenzhen & Artist Commune, Hong Kong
2005   Fellowship grantee of the Asian Cultural Council Hong Kong
2005   Travelled to New York to do research on recent development in contemporary art
2005   Professor of the Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus, China
2013   Essence of Contemporary Chinese Art by Alisan Fine Arts, Art Basel in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
2012   The Way of Writing - Zendai Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall, Shanghai, China
Naturak Mind: 2012 Italy-China Art Biennale -Villa Reale, Milan
2011   Selected Asian Cultural Council Fellows: Then and Now, Works by Wei Ligang, Wei Qingji, Zhang Jianjun, Asian Cultural Council Hong Kong & Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong
Expression of Chinses Contemporary Art - Today Art Museum, Beijing
Tranquil Game - Gallery 49, Beijing
2010   New Ink Art, Alisan Fine Arts, ART HK 10, Hong Kong International Art Fair, Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Centre, Hong Kong
2009   Hong Kong International Arts & Antiques Fair, Hong Kong Exhibition & Convention Centre, Hong Kong
2008   “Wei Ligang: The New Ink Painting” Goedhuis Contemporary Gallery, New York, USA (solo)
2007   “Oriental Totem: Wei Ligang Ink & Wash Exhibition”, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China (solo)
2006   Cooperative artist of “Cursive—Yin Mei's Modern Dance”, New York City University, NY, USA
Modernity in Ink and Wash: Exhibition of Works by Artists of SongZhuang Ink and Wash Union,
“Chinese Ink Painting during the Past 30 Years”, Nanjing, China
“Long Menzhen Modern Calligraphy”, Luo Yang Art Museum, Henan, China
“New Works by Wei Ligang”, Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong (solo)
“China in Ink & Wash: Exhibition of Wei Ligang's Works”, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China (solo)
2005   “Ink and Diffusion – International Arts Exhibition of Modern Calligraphy”, Seoul, South Korea
China Academy of Arts, “Calligraphy is not Calligraphy- International Modern Calligraphy Exhibition”,
“Crossing Boundaries: Works by Asian Cultural Council Fellows 2005”, Lee Garden, Hong Kong
“The Act of Writing and Non-writing: The Open Space for Chinese Calligraphy. International Exhibition
2004   “Chinese Characters As a Resource”, Sydney, Australia
“Chinese Characters: A Confusing Situation”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
“2 Ink Brushes, Chinese Calligraphy Bi-exhibition - Artist Commune, Hong Kong
“On the Journey”, He Xiang Ning Art Gallery, Shenzhen, China (solo)
2003   “Migration in Space”, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China
“International Contemporary Art of Ink”, Xi’an,China
“New Experiences in Chinese Characters and Its Writing During the Past Twenty Years”, Artist Commune, Hong Kong
2002   “The Art of Calligraphy in Modern China”, British Museum, London, England
Refuse Reticence - Ren Club, Beijing, China
2001   An Exhibition of Contemporary Behavioral and Decorative Art, “0℃ Project”, Beijing, China
A Four Painters’ Exhibition, “The Dimensionality of Chinese Characters”, Beijing, China
2000   “The International Calligraphy Literature”, Taiwan Museum of Art, Taiwan
Group exhibition of oriental abstract paintings, Creation Gallery, Beijing, China
1999   “Diary in Rongcheng”, Taiyuan, China (solo)
“Military Roll Call in Ba and Shu Kingdom, A Review of Chinese Modern Calligraphy at the End of
1998   The New Main-Line Saloon Exhibition, Taiyuan, China
An Exhibition of Modern Chinese Calligraphy Affiliated to the Symposium on Development Strategies
1997   “Seven Painters of Yuanmingyuan”, Beijing, China
1996   “Worms, To Make Chinese Characters Itch”, Beijing, China (solo)
1995   “Chinese Modern Calligraphy by Celebrities”, Liuzhou, China
“The First International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Calligraphy”, Hangzhou, China
1992   Exhibition of Calligraphy Shanxi of China and Saitama of Japan, Taiyuan, China
Retrospective exhibition, Taiyuan, China (solo)
1988   Calligraphy & Seal Carving, Tianjin, Beijing, Taiyuan, China (solo)
1985   Wei Ligang Itinerant Exhibition of Calligraphy, Paintings and Seal Cutting, Tianjin, China (solo)
1983   An Exchange Exhibiton of Calligraphy, Nankai University of China & Kagawa University of Japan (solo)
  Artist Commune, Hong Kong
  Bank of Macau
  He Xiangning Art Gallery
  Yachang Group
  Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong
  Rotary Club
  Beijing Capital Club, and Daming Hall, Beijing, China
  Buckman Museum
  Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA
  Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA
  Bank of Switzerland
  The International Education Fund
  The Swiss Chamber of Commerce in China
  China Red Cross
  Chendu International Convention and Exhibition Centre
  Xunyao Gallery of the Art of Chinese Characters, China
  Bizhen Art Fund
  Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
  The British Museum, England