Morgan Russell  (American, 1886-1953) 


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Morgan Russell
circa 1919-1920

Driscoll Babcock Galleries
Morgan Russell, "La lutte dans la filaine"


Morgan Russell
"La lutte dans la filaine"

Lori Bookstein Fine Art
Morgan Russell, No. 10 the White Road


Morgan Russell
No. 10 the White Road

Herbert Palmer Gallery
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Morgan Russell, No. 4. Earthen Dish & Fruit


Morgan Russell
No. 4. Earthen Dish & Fruit, 1910
oil on canvas


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Morgan Russell, Synchromy et Étude (recto-verso)


Morgan Russell
Synchromy et Étude (recto-verso), 1913
oil on cardboard


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Morgan Russell, Innocence et Elegance


Morgan Russell
Innocence et Elegance
oil on canvas


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1886   Born: New York
1953   Died
  Morgan Russell, along with fellow American painter Stanton Macdonald-Wright, fathered the Synchromism movement. Convinced that color and sound were equivalent, he wanted to 'orchestrate' the colors of a painting the way a composer arranges notes and chords in a musical composition. The two artists developed a system of painting based on color scales. The system consisted of developing form and depth in a painting through advancing and reducing hues. Their ensuing 'synchromies' were some of the first abstract non-objective paintings in American art.

Morgan Russell first met Macdonald-Wright in Paris in 1907. Russell had been studying at the traditional art academies, but abandoned them for the radical new approaches of Fauvism, Futurism, and Cubism being developed by 'some fellow named Picasso.' Russell became friends with Matisse, Rodin, and even collectors Gertrude and Leo Stein. Russell and Macdonald-Wright exhibited their new aesthetic first in Munich, then in Paris in 1913, which caused a total scandal. The following year they took the show to New York, and Synchromism became the first American avant-garde movement presented in the International arena.

1932   Los Angeles County Museum of Art
1927   Los Angeles County Museum of Art
1916   Anderson Galleries. New York City, NY
1913   New York Armory Show
1913   Salon des Independants
1913   Synchromiste exhibition at Der Neue Kunstsalon, Munich, Germany
1913   Galerie Bernheim-Jeune