Melville Price  (American, 1920-1970) 


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Biografie und Links

Biografie Melville Price
1920   Born, Kingston, NY
1939   Federal Art Project, WPA
Joseph Stella and Franz Kline become mentors
1936 - 1941   Studied at the Arts Students League, New York, NY; New School for Social Research, New York, NY; New York University, New York, NY
1942   Moved to Woodstock, NY
1946   Moved to New York, NY
1948   Makes breakthrough with "Maze Series" of paintings
1949   First Solo Exhibition
1951   Included in 9th St. Show
1950 - 1952   Taught at the Museum School, Philadelphia, PA
1962   Begins to show at Gallery Mayer, NY
1968   Lived in Spain for a year
1958 - 1970   Taught at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa
1970   Dies, Tuscaloosa, AL
Ausgewählte Ausstellungen
2008   Abstraction: Summer 2008, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL
2007   Melville Price, Demuth Museum, Lancaster, PA
2000   Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL
Art Chicago, Chicago, IL
Sunrise Museum, Charleston, WV
1998   Melville Price, Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL
1996   Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL
Art Chicago, Chicago, IL
1978   Modern Painters at the Corcoran: Melville Price, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
"Melville Price: 1920-1970," Frame House Gallery, Inc., Louisville, KY
1974   Gallery 641, Washington, D.C.
1970   Melville Price: Retrospective, 1920-1970, Frame House Gallery and J. B. Speed Museum, Louisville, Ky
1968   Instituto De Estudios Norteamericanos, Barcelona, Spain
1961 - 1964   Fox Gallery, Atlantic City, NJ
1958   University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
1957   Penn State University, University Park, PA
1955   Hendler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1953 - 1955   Contemporary D Gallery, Atlantic City, NJ
1954   Dubin Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1948 - 1952   Lolas Gallery, New York, NY
Hugo Gallery, New York, NY
Bodley Gallery, New York, NY
1948 - 1952   Iolas Gallery, New York, NY; Charlie Egan Gallery, New York, NY; Bodley Gallery, New York, NY; Hugo Gallery, New York, NY
1951   Peridot Gallery, New York, NY
9th Street" Show, the first annual "New York Painting and Sculpture Annual", Stable Gallery, New York, NY
Dubin Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1950   Peridot Gallery, New York, NY
1949   Peridot Gallery, New York, NY
1943   Hendler Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1942   Riverside Museum, New York, NY