Kazuo Shiraga  (Japanese, 1924-2008) 


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Biografie Kazuo Shiraga
1924   Born in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture
1942 - 1948   Attended Kyoto Municipal School of Painting where he was given no option but to study traditional Japanese-style painting
1948   Attended City Art Centre, Osaka where he studied the fundamentals of oil painting and joined the New Creation Art Association
1952   Formed the 'Zero' group with Saburo Murakami and Akira Kanayama
1955   Zero group merges with the Gutai Art Association. The 'Gutai Group' as it became known exhibited both in Japan and internationally until its dissolution in 1972
1957   First meeting with the French art critic, Michel Tapié, who developed the theory of 'L'art Informel'. Tapié subsequently arranged opportunities for members of the Gutai Group to show their work in Europe (including their participation the the 'Nul' exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 1965 and in USA at the Martha Jackson Gallery, New York in 1958)
1965   Awarded the Amagasaki Citizen's Cultural Prize
1971   Entered the Buddhist priesthood at the Enryaku Temple Mount Hiei
1987   Awarded the Hyogo Prefectural Cultural Prize
1999   Awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for Culture