Katherine Bernhardt  (American, 1975) 


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Biografie und Links

Biografie Katherine Bernhardt
1975   Born in St. Louis, Missouri
1998   BFA The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2000   MFA School of Visual Arts, NY, NY
  Lives and works in New York City
Ausgewählte Ausstellungen
2011   Rites of Spring Passage, Carbon 12, Dubai, UAE
2010   Hot Pop Time Machine, V1 gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010   Tombouctou 52 Jours, CANADA, New York, USA
2010   Lila Dit Ca, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, France
2009   Super Models and Swatch Watches, Galeria Marta Cervera, Madrid, Spain
2009   Wonder Women, Carbon 12, Dubai
2008   Kate, Giselle, Natlaia, Agyness, Simon, Kanye and George, CANADA, New York Greeky, Ransom, London, UK
2007   Drunken Hot Girls, Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, France
2007   Kiss Me Kate, Galleri Loyal, Stockholm, Sweden
2006   Patricia Low Contemporary, Gstaad
2006   "La Dolce Vita", Galeria Glance, Torino, Italy
2006   "Girls on Film", Nikki Beach, Cannes, France
2006   ”Budapest, The Gellert Hotel, 10:15pm", Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna, Austria
2006   "Winter Special Crazy Fun", Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, France
2005   Where the Spirits Dwell, Galería Comercial, San Juan, Puerto Rico (solo)
2005   96 Degrees in the Shade, CANADA, New York, NY (solo)
2005   Women of the Forest, Greener Pastures Gallery, Toronto, Canada (solo)
2005   Monster Painting, McClain Gallery, Houston, TX
2005   Sitting, Standing, Reclining II, Modern Culture Gallery, New York, NY
2005   Honeymoon with Romeo, curated by Holly Coulis, Groeflin Maag Galerie, Basel, Switzerland
2005   Diamond Hand Grenade, Midway Contemporary, ST Paul MN
2005   New York’s Finest, CANADA, New York, NY, curated by Brendan Cass and Wallace Whitney
2005   Out of Africa, Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna, Austria (solo)
2004   Pleasure and Paint, Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna, Austria (solo)
2004   4 Color Pen Show, General Store, Milwaukee WI
2004   Postcards From The Edge, Visual Aids Benefit, Brent Sikkema, New York, NY
2004   The 4 color pen show, General Store, Milwaukee WI
2004   General Store Rocks, High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA
2004   ock Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, CA Slice and Dice, SVA museum, New York, NY
2004   Beginning Here 101 Ways, SVA Gallery, New York, NY
2004   Under the Sun, Greener Pastures, Toronto, Canada
2004   Voo Doo Shit Hales Gallery, London, England
2003   Team Gallery, New York, NY (solo)
2003   Concurrent solo show at Kenny Schachter ConTEMPorary (solo)
2001   Team Gallery, New York, NY (solo)
2001   Concurrent Solo show at Modern Culture at The Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY (solo)
2000   Team Gallery, New York, NY (solo)
2005   New York's Finest, Art in Review, Roberta Smith, New York Times, February 11
2005   Amina Benefit at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, ARTNET
2005   January TORONTO LIFE, art, by Betty Ann Jordan
2005   January EYE MAGAZINE, Eye Candy, Katherine Bernhardt, by DAVID BALZER January
2004   Drawing Conclusions, St Petersburg’s Times Floridian, By Lennie Bennett
2004   September 5 Eat The Top Lip First, Dana Schutz’s ìInstallation in Modern Painters Magazine
2004   Autumn Edition Grace VS. Grunge, by Charlie Finch, artnet.com
2003   Cover Girls, Visual Arts Briefs, January 6
2003   Girls Gone Wild, Roberta Smith, The New York Times, July 4
2003   Miss Sixty, Paper Magazine, April The Art of Jeans, Miss Sixty Gets Creative, Fashion Wire Daily,by, Jeannette Park