John Piper  (British, 1903-1992) 


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John Piper, Design for the East Window


John Piper
Design for the East Window

Goldmark Gallery
John Piper, Three Somerset Towers


John Piper
Three Somerset Towers

Mark Murray Fine Paintings
John Piper, Near St Davids


John Piper
Near St Davids

Jenna Burlingham Fine Art
John Piper, Original design for Tapestry A


John Piper
Original design for Tapestry A

Goldmark Gallery
John Piper, Original design for Tapestry B


John Piper
Original design for Tapestry B

Goldmark Gallery
John Piper, Du’r Arddu


John Piper
Du’r Arddu
Portland Gallery
John Piper, Lighthouse, Portland Bill


John Piper
Lighthouse, Portland Bill
Portland Gallery
John Piper, Landscape Near Waddesdon


John Piper
Landscape Near Waddesdon
Portland Gallery
John Piper, Study for the Chichester Cathedral Tapestry


John Piper
Study for the Chichester Cathedral Tapestry
Portland Gallery
Verkaufsresultate (3609)  Alles anzeigen
John Piper, Caernarvon Castle I


John Piper
Caernarvon Castle I, 1971
color screenprint


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John Piper, High Cross, Hampshire


John Piper
High Cross, Hampshire, 1978
color lithograph


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John Piper, Cascade Bridge, Halswell


John Piper
Cascade Bridge, Halswell, 1987
color screenprint


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  John Egerton Christmas Piper was born at Epsom in 1903, the son of a solicitor. Educated at Epsom College, Piper joined the family firm as an articled clerk until his father’s death in 1925. In 1926, having abandoned the study of law, he attended Richmond School of Art, transferring to the Royal College of Art, South Kensington in 1927. Though regarded foremost as a painter (elected a member of the Seven and Five Society in 1934), Piper was also a set designer for ballet and opera productions and for stained glass windows, as well as being an art and theatre critic. He was also a masterful topographical draftsman with a passion for architecture, nurtured by his close personal and professional relationship with John Betjeman, with whom he collaborated on the Shell Guides to the British Isles
  He was a valued member of the Royal Fine Art Commission for nineteen years, as well as a trustee of both the National and Tate Galleries. Piper met and became close friends with Benjamin Britten through writing for the Architectural Review, and worked with him on several musical productions. His first contact with the stage was in the 1930s with the Group Theatre Company. In 1937 he divorced his first wife Eileen Holding and married Myfanwy Evans.
  Piper volunteered for the RAF in 1940, but was instead commissioned by the War Artist’s Advisory Committee and was appointed Official War Artist in 1944.
  The work of John Egerton Christmas Piper is represented in Bolton Art Gallery, the National Museums and Galleries of Wales and Tate Britain, London.
1992   Exhibition at Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
1990   Oriel 31 touring exhibition John Piper in Wales, with introduction by David Fraser Jenkins
1986 - 1990   Exhibitions of prints at Marlborough Graphics, CCA Galleries, Redfern Gallery, Oxford Gallery, Jersey Art Centre and in Toronto.
1986 - 1990   Exhibition at the National Theatre, London
1983   November. John Piper, Tate Gallery, with comprehensive catalogue edited by David Fraser Jenkins
1982   November. John Piper, Ceramics, Dan Klein Gallery (solo)
1982   December. John Piper, Painting in Coloured Light, Kettle's Yard Gallery, Cambridge, introduction by Martin Harrison.
1979   May-June. Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, John Piper: 50 years of his work: paintings, drawings and photographs. 1920-79
1977   John Piper, Victorian Dream Palaces and Other Building in Landscape, Marlborough Fine Art (London) Ltd
1975   September. John Piper, Marlborough Fine Art (London) Ltd.
1974   August. Group exhibition Art Then. Eight English Artists; 1924-40, Scottish Arts Council.
1972   March. John Piper, Marlborough Fine Art (London) Ltd
1969   May. John Piper, European Topography 1967-69, Marlborough Fine Art (London) Ltd.
1967   March. John Piper, Retrospective Exhibition, Ulster Museum, Belfast and tour
1965   March. Group exhibition Axis, Circle, Unit One, Marlborough Fine Art.
1964   March. John Piper, Retrospective Exhibition, Marlborough New London Gallery. Preface by Robert Melville.
1963   March. Recent Work by John Piper, Marlborough New London Gallery.
1962   May. Paintings and Watercolours of Rome by John Piper, Arthur Jeffress Gallery (solo)
1961   May. Brittany, New Paintings by John Piper, Bear Lane Gallery, Oxford.
1960   May. Paintings and Watercolours of Venice by John Piper, Arthur Jeffress Gallery.
1959   November. John Piper, New Paintings and Gouaches, The Leicester Galleries
1955   May. Recent Work of John Piper, The Leicester Galleries (solo)
1953   John Piper, Retrospective Exhibition, Arts Council Gallery, Cambridge, catalogue by John Commander.
1951   February. John Piper, oils, gouaches, watercolours The Philadelphia Art Alliance, USA.
1951   November. Stones and Flowers, An Exhibition of New Pictures by John Piper, The Leicester Galleries (solo)
1948   December. New paintings and Drawings by John Piper, The Leicester Galleries
1946   Group exhibition British Contemporary Painters, Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo, USA.
1945   October. Group exhibition National War Pictures, Royal Academy.
1942   March. Group exhibition New Movements in Art, London Museum, Lancaster House.
1941   Retrospective exhibition of work 1932-1940.
1940   March. Paintings & Watercolours by John Piper, The Leicester Galleries. Subjects at Hafod (solo)
1940   June. Group exhibition at Lefevre Gallery
1940   July. Group exhibition British War Artists, National Gallery
1938   Group exhibition Abstract and Concrete, Oxford, organised by Nicolette Gray, and at Lefevre Gallery, April.
1938   April. Group exhibition Modern Pictures in Modern Homes, Duncan Miller Ltd
1938   September. Group exhibition Contemporary Lithographs, The Leicester Galleries
1937   Group exhibition Artists' International Association, 41 Grosvenor Square.
1937   July. Work reproduced in Circle. Group exhibition Constructive Art, The London Gallery.
1935   Exhibited constructions at Experimental Theatre, Finchley Road, reviewed by Hugh Gordon Porteus in AXIS 1
1935   October 7th exhibits at final and exclusively abstract exhibition of 7 & 5 Society, Zwemmer Gallery
1934   Exhibits with 7 & 5 Society at The Leicester Galleries (including 'String Solo')
1933   Exhibition of gouache and collage landscapes of South Coast at Lefevre Gallery (no catalogue)
1932   The London Group