Isca Greenfield-Sanders  (American, 1978) 


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Biografie und Links

Biografie Isca Greenfield-Sanders
1978   Born in New York, NY
2000   BA Visual Art with Honors, Brown University, Providence, RI
2000   BA Mathematics, Brown University, Providence, RI
2001   Visiting Artist American Academy of Rome, Italy
  Lives in New York, NY.
Ausgewählte Ausstellungen
2013   Marines, Galerie Klüser, München, Germany (solo)
2013   Missed Connection - Reynolds Gallery, Richmond, USA
2013   Ten Years, Wallspace - New York, New York, USA
2013   Playing with Process: Explorations in Experimental Printmaking - Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Texas, USA
2013   The Distaff Side - The Granary, Sharon, USA
2013   1XX Curated by Sam Trioli - Launch F18, New York, USA
2012   Second State, Haunch of Venison, London, England
Radical Terrain, Rubin Museum, New York, NY
2011   Out of Focus. After Gerhard Richter, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany
US Department of State Art in Embassies, Embassy in Tel Aviv
Film Edges, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
The Ocean Between, Haunch of Venison, New York, NY
2010   Light Leaks, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Denver, CO
Field at Hollow Road, John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2010   Selected prints, Galerie Klüser, München, Germany (solo)
2009   Galerie Klüser, Munich, Germany
Light Leak, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, CO
One Size Fits All, On Stellar Rays Gallery, New York, NY
In Their Own Right: Contemporary Women Printmakers, McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, TX
2009   A beautiful place to get lost, Galerie Klüser, München, Germany
2008   Reflections on Light – 30 Years Galerie Bernd Klüser, Galerie Klüser, München, Germany
2008   REFLECTIONS ON LIGHT - 30 years Galerie Bernd - Galerie Bernd Klüser, Munich, Germany
Against The Fall, Goff + Rosenthal, New York, NY (solo)
2006   Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (solo)
2006   Virdian Isle, Galerie Klüser, München, Germany (solo)
2005   Carla Mattii, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Silvia Zotta, UnoSuNove, Rome, Italy
Convertible Fabric Pyramid, curated by Demetrio Paproni & 110 Editions, Benevento, Italy
The Dreamland Artist Club 2005, curated by Creative Time, Coney Island, NY
The General’s Jamboree: Guild & Greyshkul’s 2nd annual watercolor show, Guild & Greyshkul, NY, NY
Sky of Blue, Sea of Green, John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco, CA (solo)
Paintings for Harley, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, CO (solo)
2004   River Arts, Casola Gallery, Peekskill, NY
Silver Cove, Galerie Klüser, Munich, Germany
2004   Silver Cove, Galerie Klüser, München, Germany (solo)
2003   Windswept Fields, Galerie Klüser, München, Germany (solo)
2003   Rose Point, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, NY (solo)
Windswept Fields, Galerie Klüser, Munich, Germany (solo)
Frans von Lenbach and Art Today, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany
Prague Biennale: Peripheries Become the Center, Veletrzni Palace, Prague
Photography as Model, Wallspace Gallery, New York, NY
All about me, Spike Gallery, New York, NY
Sanders & Greenfield-Sanders, Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL
Up and Coming, Arco Art Fair, Madrid Spain
25th Anniversary Show, Bjorn Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2002   Painting as Paradox, Artist’s Space, New York, NY
Gothic Mood, Palazzo Delle Stelline, Milan, Italy
Friends and Family, Lombard Freid Fine Arts, New York, NY
27 Emerging Artists, Spike Gallery, New York, NY
Beachwood Park, Lombard Freid Fine Arts, New York, NY (solo)
New Work, Baldwin Gallery, Aspen, CO (solo)
2001   Vice Versa, Rare Gallery, New York, NY
Addition | Subtraction, Carlin Space, New York, NY
Collectors Choice, Exit Art, New York, NY
Nostalgia, Ubanetc., Brooklyn, NY
Three Projects Rooms, Galleria In Arco, Turin, Italy (solo)
2000   Memories, Galleria In Arco, Turin, ItalyGroup (solo)
Biblioteca Comunale, Torre del Castello, Turin, Italy
SVA Digital Salon, Palacio de Santa Cruza, Valladolid, Spain
1999   SVA Digital Salon, Visual Arts Museum, New York, NY
SVA Digital Salon, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain
Selected Public Collections
  Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, USA
  Estee Lauder Corporation, New York, USA
  Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, USA
  Musem of Fine Arts Houston, Texas, USA
  USA Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen
  Palm Springs Museum, Palm Springs, USA
  Progressive Corporation, Mayfield, USA
  Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA
2005   Flash, Dash and Now, Art by Randy Kennedy, NEW YORK TIMES, June 17, 2005
2005   Painted Love by Linda Yablonsky, TIME OUT NY, June 16 - 20, 2005 p. 31
2005   Not Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Karin Nelson, HANDSBLUE.COM, June 19, 2005
2005   Sweet and Lowdown by Jenny Feldman, ElLLE, April 2005, p. 170
2005   Crazy in Love, Valentines by our favorite artists, PAPER MAGAZINE, February 2005, p. 45
2005   Isca Greenfield-Sanders by Deborah Phillips, ARTNEWS, December 2005
2005   True Blue by Celia Ellenberg, NYLON, August 2005, p. 115
2004   Interview w/ Isca Greenfield-sanders by Otino Corsano,, Nov. 2004
2004   Electric Youth by Andrew Stone, GOTHAM, May, p. 170
2003   A Rose for Winter NY NEWSDAY, December 14th
2003   Isca Greenfield-Sanders by Amanda Coulson, ART NEWS, October, p. 152
2003   Portrait Gallery by Stellene Volandes, DEPARTURES MAGAZINE, September
2003   Girl Geek of the Week GIRLGEEKS.ORG, June
2002   Beachwood Park by Lauri Firstenberg, TEMA CELESTE, July / August
2002   Art Clans: Like Father, Like Daughter? by Amy Larocca, NY MAGAZINE, August
2002   Mac-Based Artist Rocks NY by Leander Kahney, WIRED.COM, July 11
2002   Isca Greenfield-Sanders by Joyce Korotkin, NY ARTS MAGAZINE, June
2002   A Window on the Past by Celia McGee, DAILY NEWS, May 30, p. 42
2002   Photo Op by Sharon Edelson, WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY, May 21
2002   Rising Star by Richard Johnson, NEW YORK POST, May 7
2002   Beautiful People 2002 by Meghan Sutherland, PAPER MAGAZINE, April
2001   The Artist’s Way THE OPRAH MAGAZINE, November, p. 229
2001   Cover Illustration for JULIET ART MAGAZINE, February / March
2001   Gotham Girls by Dana Wagner, GOTHAM, March, p. 332
2000   Isca Greenfield-Sanders by Tiziana Conti, TEMA CELESTE, September
2000   Sat in a Glass Case by Mariuccia Casadio, L’UOMO VOGUE, May / June, p. 116
2000   Downtown Confidential by Sharon Edelson, W MAGAZINE, May