Georges Rouault  (French, 1871-1958) 


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Kunstwerke zum Verkauf (43)

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Georges Rouault, Mater Dolorosa (Il serait si doux d'aimer)


Georges Rouault
Mater Dolorosa (Il serait si doux d'aimer)

Auktion: Apr 28, 2014
Bukowskis Stockholm
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Georges Rouault, Le parade; Ballerine (from Cirque) (2 works)


Georges Rouault
Le parade; Ballerine (from Cirque) (2 works)

Auktion: Apr 28, 2014
Phillips New York
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Georges Rouault, Cirque de l'etoile filante


Georges Rouault
Cirque de l'etoile filante

Auktion: Apr 18, 2014
Mallet Japan
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Georges Rouault, Le Pêcheur


Georges Rouault
Le Pêcheur

Le Polyptyque
Georges Rouault, Cristal de Roche


Georges Rouault
Cristal de Roche

Donna Leatherman LLC
Georges Rouault, Les Noces


Georges Rouault
Les Noces

Donna Leatherman LLC
Georges Rouault, Pierrots bleus au bouquet


Georges Rouault
Pierrots bleus au bouquet
circa 1946

Galerie von Vertes
Georges Rouault, Crucifixion


Georges Rouault

Robert Funk Fine Art
Georges Rouault, Augures (From the Miserere series)


Georges Rouault
Augures (From the Miserere series)

Donna Leatherman LLC
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Georges Rouault, Saint-Nitouche (+ Fille au grand chapeau; set of 2 from Reincarnation du Père Ubu)


Georges Rouault
Saint-Nitouche (+ Fille au grand chapeau; set of 2 from Reincarnation du Père Ubu), 1928
aquatint, drypoint, roulette and burnisher


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Georges Rouault, Christ (de profil) (from passion0


Georges Rouault
Christ (de profil) (from passion0, 1939
aquatint and sugar aquatint


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Georges Rouault, Aide-Bourreau (portant un des bois de la Croix) (+ Paysans ; set of 2 from Passion)


Georges Rouault
Aide-Bourreau (portant un des bois de la Croix) (+ Paysans ; set of 2 from Passion), 1936


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1871   Born: in Paris, France on May 27th
1880   His parents entered him in school
1885 - 1890   Apprenticed to a stained glass artisan, and there he learned to restore medieval stained glass windows
1894   Recipient, the Concours Chenavard first prize
1891 - 1898   Studied at the École des Beaux-Arts, in Paris, France where Gustave Moreau became his mentor and friend
1903   Was a co-founder and participant in the first Salon d’Automne of 1903 along with Matisse and other artists who would later be called Fauves
1903   Became the curator of the Musée Moreau
1910   Had his first solo exhibition at the Galerie Drouet
1916   Began to illustrate a number of books at the advice of his dealer, Vollard
1927   Resumed painting
1916 - 1936   Devoted himself entirely to printmaking, to the exclusion of painting for the first ten
1937   Had a large exhibition at the Petit Palais
1958   Died: in Paris, France on February 13th
2011   Rouault, au Pays d’Ubu, Yoshii Gallery, Paris, France
2011   Georges Rouault: Cirque de L’Etoile Filante, East Gallery, Fleming Museum, Burlington, VM
2011   Georges Rouault, landscapes, Shiodome Museum, Rouault Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2010 - 2011   Georges Rouault: The Sacred and the Profane, Bilbao Fine Arts Museum, Bilbao, Spain
2010   Dürer, Rouault, and the Passion of Christ, Centro Comunale d’Arte e Cultura Exma, Cagliari, Italy
2009 - 2010   Georges Rouault, Landscapes, Musée d’Art Moderne, Troyes, France
2009   Georges Rouault – Makoto Fujimura: Soliloquies, Dillon Gallery, New York, NY
2008   Mystic Masque: Semblance and Reality in Georges Rouault, McMullen Museum of Art, Boston, MA
2008   The Redemptive Vision of Georges Rouault, Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ
2008   Georges Rouault-Miserere, Galeria Ariete, Bologna, Italy
2007   Georges ROUAULT, Galerie Tamenaga, Paris, France
2007   PASSION- oeuvres de Georges Rouault, Musée d’Art Religieux, Lemvig, Denmark
2006 - 2007   Georges Rouault: Retrospective, Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Strasbourg, France
2006 - 2007   Paysages Légendaires, Shiodome Museum Rouault Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2006   Georges Rouault: the Master of Our Own Day, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, Korea
2004 - 2005   Rétrospective Rouault, Centre culturel Caixa Catalunya, La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain
2004 - 2005   Georges Rouault et le Cirque, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Chambéry, France
2004   Rouault and Icons, Shiodome Museum Rouault Gallery, Shiodome, Tokyo
2004   Revelations: Georges Rouault at Work, The Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.
2003 - 2004   Versailles, vie artistique, littéraire et mondaine 188-1939, Musée Lambinet, Versailles, France
2003   Exposition de l’oeuvre gravée, Idemitsu Museum of Arts, Moji-ku, Japan