George Inness  (American, 1825-1894) 


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George Inness, Albano, Italy


George Inness
Albano, Italy
circa 1872

Thomas Colville Fine Art, LLC
George Inness, Olives, Albano, Italy


George Inness
Olives, Albano, Italy
Parkerson Gallery
George Inness, Valley Near Perugia


George Inness
Valley Near Perugia
Questroyal Fine Art, LLC
George Inness, The Rainbow


George Inness
The Rainbow
Questroyal Fine Art, LLC
George Inness, Autumn Landscape


George Inness
Autumn Landscape
McColl Fine Art
George Inness, Approaching Storm


George Inness
Approaching Storm

Berry-Hill Galleries, Inc.
George Inness, Palisades on the Hudson


George Inness
Palisades on the Hudson
Questroyal Fine Art, LLC
George Inness, Monte Lucia, Perugia


George Inness
Monte Lucia, Perugia

Questroyal Fine Art, LLC
George Inness, Landscape Study


George Inness
Landscape Study
circa 1876

A.J. Kollar Fine Paintings, LLC
George Inness, Pastoral Scene


George Inness
Pastoral Scene

Thomas Colville Fine Art, LLC
George Inness, Etretat, Normandy, France


George Inness
Etretat, Normandy, France
circa 1874-1889

Hammer Galleries
George Inness, Near the Delaware Water Gap


George Inness
Near the Delaware Water Gap
circa 1865-1866

Thomas Colville Fine Art, LLC
George Inness, Pompton Junction


George Inness
Pompton Junction

Thomas Colville Fine Art, LLC
  Born in Newburgh, New York, in 1825, George Inness was raised in New York City and Newark, New Jersey. His early life was disrupted by severe illness, and he had as a result little formal academic or artistic education. In Newark, he studied with the itinerant painter John Jesse Barker, and in New York, probably in 1843, with the French-born landscape painter, Regis Francois Gignoux. Inness visited Italy in 1850. In 1853 he visited France, where he studied French Barbizon landscape painting, admiring especially the work of the most radical of the Barbizon artists, Theodore Rousseau. This was, in the influence on his style, the most decisive experience of Inness' artistic life. In the early 1860s Inness moved from New York to Medfield, Massachusetts. In 1864, he moved to Eagleswood, New Jersey. At Eagleswood he was introduced to the teaching of Emanuel Swedenborg. It became his religious faith, and determined, too, the increasingly allusive, expressive, and almost mystical character of his later art.
  Inness lived in Italy from 1870 to 1874 and in France briefly in 1875, when he returned to America. In 1876 he settled in Montclair, New Jersey. He lived in Montclair for the rest of his life, but traveled widely, often for the sake of his health, to Niagara Falls, Virginia, California, and Tarpon Springs, Florida.He died on a trip to Scotland in 1894.
1994   Democratic Vistas Landscapes of NY, Art Gallery of SUNY, Albany, NY
1991   George Inness Spiritual Landscape, Borghi & Co.
1966   Fiftieth Annual Exhibition, Minneapolis Museum of Arts, Minneapolis, MN
1963   Minnesota Art Sources, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN
1894   Inness Memorial Exhibition, Fine Arts Building, New York, NY