Feng Lianghong  (Chinese, 1962) 


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Feng Lianghong, Composition 13-3


Feng Lianghong
Composition 13-3

Cynthia Reeves
Feng Lianghong, Composition 11-56


Feng Lianghong
Composition 11-56

Cynthia Reeves
Verkaufsresultate (11) 
Feng Lianghong, Abstaction 47-9


Feng Lianghong
Abstaction 47-9, 2009
oil on canvas


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Feng Lianghong, Abstraction 30-9


Feng Lianghong
Abstraction 30-9, 2009
oil on canvas


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Feng Lianghong, Abstraction 11-4


Feng Lianghong
Abstraction 11-4, 2010
oil on canvas


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1962   Born in Shanghai, China.  
1983   Shanghai Art & Design school, Shanghai, China. 
1989   Central Academy of Art & Design, Beijing, China
  Lives and works in Beijing, China
  Residency at Chinese American Art Council, New York, NY
2011   Incubator- Chinese Comtemporary Curated by Gu Zhenqing, Li space, Beijing, China
2011   Colors of grey, Curated by Martina Ziesse, Matthias Kuper gallery, Beijing, China
2011   Cooperate paintings with fifteen artists, Curated by Dai Zuqun, White Box Museum of Art, Beijing, China
2011   Our Earth, Curated by wang Fei, Guonghua No5, exhibition hall, Beijing, China
2011   Great weekend-50 Chinese artist’s painting & sculpture, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2011   Feng Lianghong recent abstract works, Curated by Martina Ziesse, Matthias Kuper gallery, Beijing, China (solo)
2011   It Is Not The Eternal Tao: Abstract Paintings of Feng Lianghong, Curated by Gu Zhenqing, White Box Museum of Art, Beijing, China (solo)
2010   Subjective reality- Feng Lianghong, Hu Shengping, Yang Liming abstrct Painting, Curated by Martina Ziesse, Artmia gallery, Beijing, China
2010   Spring Equinox, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China
2010   Heaven and Earth, XI Shan Gallery, Shanghai, China
2010   Reshaping History – China Art from 2000 – 2009, Curated by Lv Peng, Gao Qianhut & Zhu Zhu, National Convention Center, Beijing, China
2009   Art-China, Huontie Art Museum, Beijing, Chian
2009   Visual experimrnt of Zhong Yong, Eastlink gallery, Beijing, China
2009   Lianghong Feng, Cynthia•Reeves, New York, NY (solo)
2008   From New York to Beijing, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2008   Cross-Reference, Shuimu Art space , Beijing, China
2008   Chinese Contemporary Art Document, Yonghe Art Museum, Beijing,
2007   No U-Turn Segments of Chinese Avant-garde, Tra gallery Beijing, China
2007   Lianghong Feng’s recent work, TRA Gallery, Beijing, China (solo)
2007   U.S. and us, Tra gallery, Beijing, China
1998   Global Roots-Chinese artist in New York, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
1998   Contemporary Asian Art in American, Mills Pond House, St.James, NY 
1998   One Art from Two Cultures, CCI Gallery, Boston, MA
1998   Chinese Vision, Nassau St.116, New York, NY
1997   Beyond Calligraphy & Graffiti, Gallery 456 New York, NY (solo)
1996   Asian & Pacific Artists in New York, New Art Center, New York, NY
1995   Six Artists, Cork Gallery, Lincoln Center, New York, NY
1995   Pier show 2, Brooklyn, NY
1992   18th Annual Art Exhibition, Clark Gallery, Las Vegas, NV.
1991   Art West of America, Las Vegas, NV
1989   Chinese Avant-garde, National Museum, Beijing, China
1986   New paintings by Three Artists, QinHua University, Beijing, China
1985   Abstract painting by Six Artists, Fudan University, Shanghai, China