Ernest Lawson  (American, 1873-1939) 


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Biografie Ernest Lawson
1873   Born in Halifax
1888   Began studying art at the Kansas City Art Institute
1890   Began at the Art Students League in New York
1893   Enrolled in the Académie Julian and shared a studio in Paris with Somerset Maugham
1894   Returned to the States and married Ella Holman, one of his art teachers in Kansas City
1916   The Lawson family lived near a castle in Segovia
1917   The family moved back to NY and Lawson was elected full member of the National Academy
1921   Lawson and his wife separated
1924   Revisited his birthplace, Halifax, as well as Newfoundland
1926   Moved to Kansas City for a teaching position at the Art Institute
1926   Youngest daughter died on a trip to Egypt
1930   Traveled to France to visit his daughter and two grandchildren
1930   First Lawson retrospective, including fifty-two works
1936   Moved to Coral Gables, Florida
1939   Died, his body was found on a Miami beach
  The member of the Ash Can School most closely associated with impressionism