Chang Chieh  (Chinese, 1924) 


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Chang Chieh, Lotus 08-9


Chang Chieh
Lotus 08-9
Alisan Fine Arts
Chang Chieh, Four Ballet Dancers


Chang Chieh
Four Ballet Dancers
Alisan Fine Arts
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Chang Chieh, Purple orchid


Chang Chieh
Purple orchid
watercolor on paper


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Chang Chieh, Summer lotus no. 3


Chang Chieh
Summer lotus no. 3
watercolor on paper


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Chang Chieh, 美人蕉


Chang Chieh
美人蕉, 1976
watercolor on paper


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1921   Born in Shanghai, China
1948   Graduated from Chengtse Art College, T’anyang, Jiangsu
1949   Left China to teach in Taipei
1958   Founded “Chinese Watercolour Society” in Taipei
1960   Honourable mention at USIS/Taipei
1963   Honourable mention at Sao Paolo Biennial VII
1967   Awarded “Best Watercolorist of the Year” Taipei
1970   Invited by USIS to give a speech at Taipei Lincoln Center on American Culture
1986   Invited by Pacific Asia Travel Association to give painting demonstrations in Berlin, Germany
1987   Invited by PATA to give painting demonstrations in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles
1990   Awarded “The Supreme Painter in Arts” by The International University, USA
2012   Group Exhibition of Chang Chieh, Chinyee, Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong
2009   Solo Exhibition, No.1 Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2006   Solo Exhibition, Yibo Art Gallery, Shanghai, China
2000   Solo Exhibition, Howard Salon, Taipei, Taiwan
1999   Solo Exhibition, Miami, Fla, USA; Shanghai and Taipei Arts Fairs
1998   "Chang Chie's New Painting," Taiwan Museum of Art, Taichung, Taiwan
1997   Participated in the Taipei and Singapore International Art Fairs
1996   “The Gem World of Chang Chieh,” National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei
1994   National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan; Solo Exhibition, Cafe Gallery, Singapore
1992   “Chinese Water Ink” solo show in Kander’s Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
1991   “Of Flowers and Places” organised by Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
1989   Solo Exhibition in Singapore, Taipei and Kaohsiung
1987   “Flowers by Chang Chieh” orgainsed by Alisan Fine Arts, Tokyo American Club, Japan
1985   Solo exhibition at the Rockefeller Gallery, New York; Arts Promotion, Hong Kong
1983   “Flowers” sponsored by Arts Promotion at Hong Kong Art Centre
1981   Solo Exhibition, Arts Promotion (Alisan Fine Arts), Hong Kong
1978   “Contemporary Chinese Art from Taiwan” Hong Kong Art Centre
1977   “Ten Leading Chinese Artists Exhibition,” Japan
1976   “10 Leading Chinese Artists," Dai-ichi Annual Exhibition, Japan
1975   “Chang Chieh’s Lotus Art Exhibition” National Museum of History, Taipei
1975   “Chinese Contemporary Artists Exhibition” City Hall, Hong Kong
1974   Ann Arbor, Mich, USA
1970   Solo Exhibition, City Hall, Hong Kong
1968 - 1969   Solo exhibition, New York, Washington, San Francisco, organised by Sino-American Cultural Association and Pacific University
1967   New Haven, Connecticut, USA
1965   National History Museum, Taipei
1965   Contemporary Free Chinese Art Exhibition, Tokyo
1964   Works tour Africa; solo exhibition, Taipei
1963   Sao Paulo Biennial VII, Brazil
1962   Saigon International Art Exhibition I, Vietnam
1961   National Art Museum, Tokyo
1959   Sao Paulo Biennial V, Brazil
1957   Sao Paulo Biennial International Art Exhibition, IV, Brazil
1950   Solo Watercolour shown in Changhua, Tainan and Taipei